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35th cycle

34th cycle

33rd cycle

Franzese Giulio's picture

Franzese Giulio

Ph.D. obtained in 2021
33rd cycle (2017-2020)
Thesis: Contributions to Efficient Machine Learning
Tutors: Monica Visintin
Big Data, Machine Learning, Neural Networks and Data Science Communication and Computer Networks Geo-positioning, Navigation Systems and Remote sensing Multimedia Signal Processing Optical and Wireless Digital Transmissions Systems

32nd cycle

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Daoud Mohamed

Ph.D. obtained in 2019
32nd cycle (2016-2019)
Thesis: An efficient and reliable drive system for oil and gas recovery in subsea applications
Tutors: Iustin Radu Bojoi

31st cycle

30th cycle

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Makki Ihab

Ph.D. obtained in 2017
30th cycle (2014-2017)
Thesis: Hyperspectral imaging for Landmine detection
Tutors: Massimo Zucchetti
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Nasirizarandi Reza

Ph.D. obtained in 2015
30th cycle (2014-2017)
Thesis: Design, analysis and prototyping of a hysteresis motor with novel and optimum structure