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The PoliTO4Impact Strategic Plan rates Innovation as part of Politecnico's three missions: teaching, research, third mission. Politecnico di Torino contributes to the local Innovation and Tecnological transfer system, to the institution of new enterprises, to knowledge sharing for helping society to face nowadays major changes.

The Tecnological transfer activities, seen as a continuous process moving from research to the development of innovative goods and services, are among the wider context of "Third Mission", currently perceived as a strategic institutional activity for academia to enhance social, cultural and economic development for the overall Society.

Politecnico has thus increasingly begun to talk about knowledge "sharing" and "co-generation" (Knowledge Exchange). PoliTO effectively applies this approach to companies - from SMEs to multinationals - to develop joint research projects and lead socio-economic innovation, focusing more on companies' and public institutions' needs.

Politecnico confirms its planning consistency in consolidating the value of research results through the "innovation chain": from research skills and results to their concrete application. It also values knowledge sharing in all its forms, involving various actors inside and outside its environment, giving birth to the Technology Transfer System.


Some numbers

Partnership agreements with companies (up to 31 December 2023)
Million EUR from companies to PoliTO (up to 31 December2021)
Filed patent applications (up to 31 December 2023)
Spin-offs (up to 31 December 2023)

Research and innovation stories

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Aimed at promoting collaborations with companies and public bodies, the "Piattaforme" are tools to coordinate, communicate, promote and value all PoliTO competences, services and infrastructures; they connect public and private stakeholders interested in partnerships for research and innovation activities




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