Connecting research to the market

Team al lavoro

The meaning that Politecnico di Torino ascribes to technology transfer is that of activities capable of connecting research to the market and, thus, producing Innovation. Through this, Politecnico operates with the purpose of transforming knowledge generated by public research into technology, understood as “capacity, ability in doing”, in order to have a real impact on society and the economy.

Politecnico has, among its purposes, that of encouraging the protection and enhancement of the results of research undertaken at the University, by promoting activities that also lead to the commercial use of inventions. In this sense, in close collaboration with the inventors, the University thus protects inventions created in the course of research activities (whether free or in collaboration with businesses) with the various forms of Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) available.

In conjunction with encouraging the protection of research results, the University also provides inventors with support in enhancing knowledge developed, offering various support tools for the development and commercialisation of technologies, such as the Proof of Concept funds, support in creating and growing research spin-offs, and various Matchmaking initiatives for the supply and demand of innovation with companies and other stakeholders.

The technology transfer experts, skilled in technical and scientific, economic and management, and legal matters, work in synergy with the academic staff and any outside co-inventors, supporting inventors in enhancing knowledge, providing the professional support necessary at each step of the technology transfer process.