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The Alumni community brings together all the graduates from Politecnico di Torino, including Master's graduates and Ph.D. holders.

The concept of community is our key value and our Alumni/ae are its essential part as they become the ambassadors of Politecnico di Torino all over the world.

The community creates a network of people and skills, fostering initiatives towards innovation, education and knowledge sharing.

Joining the network, you can participate in specific projects like:  

  • Annual Convention: the official meeting of all graduates, every Autumn
  • Alumni Professional Corner: webinars and meetings dedicated to students and young graduates who want to know more about the world of work by listening to the success stories of other Alumni. You can connect with experts from your sector to ask for advice and so much more;
  • Educational Webinars to prepare for the State Examination for Professional Practice (Esame di Stato in Architettura e in Ingegneria)
  • Graduation Anniversaries with award ceremonies and parchments;
  • GroWithUs, the Mentorship Program of Politecnico di Torino, in collaboration with the Alumni PoliTO Association.  You can join as a Mentee or apply to become a Mentor;
  • Gathering and cultural events, with the opportunity to visit prestigious businesses, cultural centres and art institutions;
  • International Chapters: China, France, Colombia and Uzbekistan.

Alumni Polito supports Biennale Tecnologia

crowdfunding Biennale Tecnologia

By supporting Alumni Polito through the crowdfunding campaign Diventa Biennals, you will contribute to boost the audience of young people who can take advantage of the opportunities offered by Biennale Tecnologia.

And you will have a reserved seat to experience the Biennale!

Donate now and write to to reserve your seats at the events you prefer (the full program will be available from the end of March).

Mano donatrice

Biennale Tecnologia 2024 has been supported by the donors of PoliTO Alumni, whom we thank for their support:

  • Ebe Uberti Bona Serratrice
    • in memory of Giovanni Serratrice
  • Alessandra Delmonte
    • in memory of Cesarina Bordone Sacerdote
  • Mariuccia e Nicoletta Berardo family
    • in memory of Michele Berardo
  • Fondazione Johnny Cornaglia
    • in memoriay of Johnny Cornaglia
  • Paolo Claretta Assandri
    • in memor of Vittorio De Bernoci