Graduate Internships in Italy



The Job Placement office will be closed from 10/08/24 to 25/08/24, therefore the assistance service via ticket and email will be suspended.

Training projects and agreements for post-graduate internships, with a starting date scheduled for the period when the office is closed, must be sent by the host company/institution by email to by 30/07/2024. Those arriving later will not be able to start before 28/08/2024.


Graduate internships are intended for candidates who have already earned their Bachelor’s or Master’s degree. A graduate internship is an opportunity for you to enter the job market and make use of the competencies you have acquired during your studies.

You can ask us to start a graduate internship within 12 months of your graduation date. The maximum duration of a graduate internship is 6 months. If you start more than one internship, the maximum overall duration of all graduate internships cannot exceed 6 months.

In accordance with Italian regional laws, you will receive a pay during your graduate internship. The minimum gross monthly pay according i.e. to Regione Piemonte is € 300.00 for 20 hours a week (part-time). This pay increases proportionally to the number of working hours up to a maximum of 40 hours per week (€ 600.00 a month). 

Different rules may occur for abroad internships: please refer to the information at the end of this page.

You need to find an Academic Tutor and write his/her name on your Progetto Formativo. Normally students choose their Thesis Supervisor for this role. The employer will assign a company tutor, too.   

First of all, before filling the required documents, you need to define with the employer your internship tasks, duration, work schedule and duty station. There are some COMPULSORY DOCUMENTS that you must submit before you start your insterhsip: Convenzione di tirocinio (Internship Agreement), the official agreement made between Politecnico di Torino and the Host Company/Institution, and Progetto Formativo.     

Please note that your pay may vary depending on the Italian region where you do your graduate internship.

For graduate internships in Piedmont or Lombardy, it is possible to follow the instructions listed below; on the other hand, if the prevailing place of employment is located in other regions, the Host Institution should forward an email with a request for information to

Graduate internships can't be activated at University offices / departments  /interdepartmental centers / laboratories.

The Convenzione di tirocinio is an official agreement made between Politecnico di Torino and your Host Company/Institution. 

It must be signed BEFORE you start your internship. To find out if a Company/Institution has already entered into an agreement with Politecnico di Torino, you can:  

  • type the company name in the “Company name” field when you fill out your Progetto Formativo. If you can find the company in the drop-down list, it means that it has an agreement with Politecnico. In this case, you can continue filling out your Progetto Formativo;   
  • open a ticket specifying the company name and its vat number.

If a Company/Institution does not have an agreement with Politecnico di Torino, please inform them that they need to follow the procedure below:   

  • Italian companies/insitutions must register on Politecnico website. Please note that it is their responsibility to register on our website, not yours;
  • after registration, the company/insitution will receive its access credentials to log in to our platform (private area). From this page, the company/insitution can fill out a form to request to enter into an Agreement for Graduate Internships with Politecnico di Torino;
  • the system will generate the Agreement that must be digitally signed and uploaded within the appropriate section in the corporate area by the company/insitution (detailed instructions in the process).
    The Agreement is subject to revenue stamp tax according to DPR n. 642/1972. The tax (€ 16.00 revenue stamp - to be paid by the employer except for Territorial Public Entities) may be paid through the application of a paper mark visible on the document and kept at the office of the employer or, alternatively, through the payment of a telematic mark indicating its details.

This procedure must be followed also to renew an expired agreement.

To retrieve lost access credentials, the company can click HERE

An Agreement enters into force after it has been signed by Politecnico di Torino.

Template for post-degree internship agreement in Piedmont (only for consultation)

Template for post-degree internship agreement in Lombardy (only for consultation)

The Progetto Formativo (Training Project) is a document that you must fill out online BEFORE you start your internship in Italy. 

It includes the following information:  

  • your personal data; 
  • information on your Host CompanyI/Institution and contact details of your Company/InstitutionTutor (the person chosen to assist and guide you during your internship);
  • contact details of your Academic Tutor, a Polito faculty member chosen by you. Your Academic Tutor is in charge of verifying that the contents and activities carried out during your internship actually match with your academic degree;
  • work schedule and internship dates;
  • expected training outcomes and contents of your internship.

How to fill out your Progetto Formativo:  

  • once you have registered for the graduate final examination (you must be close to obtaining the final degree!), log in to your personal page of the Teaching Portal using your access credentials (Login);
  • select the STAGE (internship) tab and click “New Progetto Formativo”;
  • enter the company name in the “Company/Institution name” field: if you find the company/insitution in the drop-down list, it means that it has an agreement with Politecnico. In this case, you can continue filling in your Progetto Formativo;
  • if the company/institution is not included in the drop-down list, go to point 1 n. and follow the procedure. Then go to the next step;
  • fill out your Progetto Formativo in detail; if you do not have some information, ask your Company/Institution Tutor or your Academic Tutor;
  • after you graduate and PoliTO update your career you will be able to print your Progetto Formativo;
  • the document needs to be signed by: you, the Host Company/Institution (HR Manager or Legal Representative) and your Academic Tutor. 

Your Company/Institution Tutor will receive an e-mail asking him to confirm his/her e-mail address. If your Company/InstitutionTutor does not confirm his/her e-mail address, you cannot print your Progetto Formativo.

Make sure the Company/Institution sends a scan copy of your Progetto Formativo (duly signed) to PoliTO ( at least 7 days before you start your internship in order to allow enough time for administrative procedures and insurance coverage.   

IMPORTANT: What is described in (1) and (2) above is valid only for graduate internships held primarily in Piedmont or Lombardy. For internships held in different regions, open a ticket in the dedicated section at least one month before the scheduled start date.

Template Progetto Formativo post-lauream

The terms of an internship can be modified even after its beginning to fulfil the needs of the Host Company/Institution or the intern. In some cases, you might need to modify the terms of your internship because you need to extend its duration to improve your experience or suspend it for different reasons. In other cases, you might need to change your work schedule or duty station due to business trips. In the most fortunate cases, an internship can be interrupted because the company decides to hire you with a regular employment contract.

But whatever the reason may be to change your Progetto Formativo, you need to inform Politecnico following this procedure: 

  • go to the Teaching Portal;
  • log in to your personal page using your access credentials;
  • click the STAGE tab and select your Progetto Formativo;
  • click “Richiesta Variazione” and enter the information required;
  • when you click the "Go" button the system will send a confirmation e-mail to your Company/Institution Tutor with your data;
  • your Company/Institution Tutor must confirm your data by clicking the link in the message;
  • after this confirmation, the Office will approve your request;
  • you will receive an e-mail confirming that your changes have been approved.

At the end of your internship, you are required to:

  • send via ticket the completed attendance booklet for each day of activity, including the required signatures;
  • fill out an online evaluation questionnaire (go to your personal page of the Teaching Portal –  STAGE tab - select your internship);
  • submit your certificate of experience (scheda attestazione delle competenze) and your personal report (dossier individuale) by ticket, duly filled out and signed by both your Company/Institution and Academic Tutor.

Graduate Internships abroad

A graduate internship abroad is an excellent opportunity not only to gain educational experience, but also to develop language skills.

With regard to carrying out an internship abroad the process is different from an internship in Italy, this is because one must always take into consideration the constraints imposed by the country where one intends to work. To begin an internship abroad, it is first necessary for the company to accredit itself to the service by registering HERE.

Following the accreditation request, the employer will receive a confirmation email, with a link to validate. After the validation they will receive the credentials to access the platform, complete further information and attach a copy of the company registration report/certificate (officially translated into English) or, in its absence, a copy of the identification document of the legal representative or his/her representative in section called "Request Internship Agreement". This serves as official recognition of the request by the company/institution, while it will not be used for any other aims.

At the end of this procedure, the company/institution will be on the list of hosting companies/institutions and you will be able to proceed to fill out online the internship agreement necessary to start the internship abroad (tab "internship" on your personal page). This is the document that must be completed online by the trainee BEFORE the start of the internship activity and contains: 

  • your data;
  • infromation on the employer and your "company/institution tutor," the person identified at the company level who will follow the intern in his/her training; 
  • information about the "academic tutor", a professor of the Polytechnic of Turin identified by the trainee who is responsible for verifying the acquisition of the expected skills and consistency with your academic path; 
  • the time and dates of the activity; 
  • the training objectives and the main activities of the internship.

After filling out your online Internship Agreement, print it and have it signed by both your Company/Institution and Academic Tutor, you must send it by ticket at least 7 days before you start your internship.
The PoliTO will sign your Internship Agreement and send a copy of the document to your Host Company/Institution. Thank you will receive a ticket with the link to print your internship booklet that must be filled and signed each work day.    

Privacy Policy Internship Agreement

When your internship is over, you need to return your internship booklet (duly signed by both your tutors) to the Office within 15 days of the end date of your internship. 
You also need to fill out an online evaluation questionnaire (go to your personal page of the Teaching Portal – click STAGE tab - select your internship).   

The internship may have a maximum total duration of 6 months (possibly distributed among more than one internship and NOT including previous curricular internships with the same Student ID number). You can ask us to start a graduate internship within 12 months of your graduation date.


PLEASE NOTE: the regulations of graduate internships abroad are different from those in Italy and change from country to country:

  • in some countries the extracurricular internship may not be paid;
  • in some countries you may need an entry visa;
  • in some countries only curricular internships for students are allowed (check with the host institution if local regulations allow internships for recent graduates).

Template Internship Agreement (graduate)



    Visa, health insurance and travel advices

    Before travelling to a foreign country for your internship (even if the country belongs to the Schenghen Area), verify with the embassy/consulate of your host country if you need an entry visa. This depends on your nationality and current domicile. 
    It is the responsibility of the intern to gather the information, also with the help of the host entity, and obtain the necessary visa for the internship. 
    For non-EU nationals and citizens, support can also be sought from the Immigration Desk

    If you're an EU citizen, health assistance is guaranteed in EU countries only for emergencies or medical treatment necessary by the European Health Insurance Card. If you travel to Extra-EU countries, you must take out a private health insurance policy, valid for the entire period of stay abroad. It can be useful to take out a policy privately even if you travel to EU countries. On the website of the Ministry of Health there is specific information for each country, which you are kindly requested to read.
    If you are a Non-EU citizen, before you leave, check with the consular representations of the country of destination as to what the requirements are for health insurance.

    Useful links:


    It is also recommended that you register your trip on the Dove siamo nel Mondo website, run by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation, so that the Italian diplomatic network abroad always has your updated contact information.



    The Erasmus+ Traineeship Program allows graduates to undertake an internship experience (unpaid with salary) in European countries at companies, Research Centers, Training Centers with a registered office or branch within the countries participating in the ERASMUS+/PROGRAMME COUNTRIES program. 

    From 2 to 6 months of internships (full and continuous) can be funded, within 12 months of graduation, with different monthly amounts depending on the host country, as indicated in the call for applications.

    More information on the page dedicated to Bandi per mobilità internazionale studentesca.

    Professional Internship for architecture graduates

    The Professional Internship was born from the desire of the Politecnico di Torino and the Orders of Piedmont and Valle d'Aosta, to offer graduates in architecture who meet the requirements, the possibility of exemption from the first practical test of the State Examination for registration in the Register of Architects P.P.C. (in view of the current telematic mode of taking the State Examination for the year 2023, which consists of a single oral test, those who have completed the internship and obtained the final certificate within five working days prior to the date of convocation for the test will be exempted, during the examination, from the verification related to the practical test).

    The professional internship can be carried out by all graduates of the Politecnico di Torino who have obtained a degree corresponding to the degree classes referred to in Articles 17.2 and 18.2 of Presidential Decree 328/2001 and subsequent equivalencies and who submit a request for activation of internship no later than 24 months after obtaining it.

    It is a structured, regulated and attested experience of professional practice within a public or private, accredited host entity for a period of 900 hours to be carried out in the six months following the activation of the internship and which can in no case exceed twelve months.

    The internship will be carried out under the responsibility and assistance of a professional registered with the Order of Architects, in line with the training project agreed between the host entity and the intern under the validation of the Order of Architects of Turin (coordinator) and the Politecnico di Torino (promoter).

    For the purpose of passing the State Examination, the Final Certificate issued at the end of the internship loses effectiveness after 5 years from the date of issuance (Art. 9 of the Professional Internship Regulations).

    Internships or Curricular Traineeships carried out as part of Level I and Level II courses of study, i.e., single-cycle courses of study, and also non-curricular ones activated in accordance with Ministerial Decree 142/98 and Regional Law 3/2012 cannot be recognized for the purposes of Professional Traineeship.

    The Turin Order of Architects PPC is the coordinating entity and is responsible for managing the list of Hosts and Trainees. For any information write to:

    For activation, to get access to the documentation and for more information please visit the dedicated website of the Turin Order of Architects.

     For more information on the State Examination, see the dedicated section on the PoliTO website.


    If you are a final-year student or graduate, you can contact the Job Placement Office (Mon.-Fri.) by opening a TICKET on your personal page, "graduate internships" section. You will also find numerous FAQ that will answer your questions.

    Emails sent by students or graduates to will not be taken into consideration. 
    Sending a ticket is mandatory!