Research funding

Ricerca laboratorio DISAT

Politecnico di Torino participates in the main research funding programs offered by the European Union and by other international, national, regional and local bodies, with the main objective of attracting funds for research projects aimed at solving major societal challenges and to create industrial innovation.

To support participation in research funding programs, the Research, Technology Transfer and Innovation Department (RIMIN) informs the University on a weekly basis about the main funding opportunities, promotes thematic events and provides updates on news from Europe through a dedicated Newsletter.

Research support services

supporto alla ricerca

Politecnico supports researchers to identify competitive funding calls and to apply through successfull research projects offering specialized teams and ad hoc tools covering the entire project life cycle

Bruxelles Hub

Hub Bruxelles

An institutional collaboration  involving Politecnico di Torino, Unioncamere and Torino Chamber of Commerce operating in its Bruxelles official venue to strengthen visibility and funding opportunities for research.