ERC - European Research Council

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The European Research Council (ERC) is the EU funding body for of the highest quality by academics of all ages and nationalities who intend to carry out cutting-edge research in EU member states or associated countries.

ERC’s main objective is to promote excellence, supporting the dynamic and creative aspects of European “frontier” research and provide support to innovative high-risk and high scientific impact research projects conducted by Principal Investigators (PI) with internationally recognized curricula. Proposals are welcome from any scientific and disciplinary area.

The ERC is composed of a Scientific Council and an Executive Agency (ERCEA).
The Scientific Council is the governing body of the ERC, defining scientific strategies, funding instruments, and evaluation methodologies; the ERCEA implements and applies these strategies in the operational management of ERC activities. ERC operates under autonomy guaranteed by the European Commission.

Budget (2021-2027): 16 billion euros




Politecnico di Torino considers it strategic to invest in research, strengthen its international visibility and ensure a favorable environment for attracting talented researchers.

To this end, it encourages participation in the research funding program promoted by the European Research Council (ERC) and provides targeted support to potential candidates, both internal and external, interested in submitting a proposal that has Politecnico di Torino as the host institution, and offers favorable conditions to carry out funded projects.
PoliTO also encourages winners of ERC projects currently hosted by other institutions to transfer their ERC to Politecnico. 

To receive more information about the ERC@PoliTO initiative, contact