National Recovery and Resilience Plan

Impatto PNRR

NextGenerationEU is the European Union’s recovery plan: an opportunity of unprecedented scope and ambition (about EUR 800 billion), which entails investments and reforms to accelerate the ecological and digital transition, improve the training of workers and achieve greater gender, territorial and generational equity. Italy is the main beneficiary of these funds - a total investment amount of around EUR 190 billion, enriched also by complementary investments - and implements the plan through the PNRR - National Recovery and Resilience Plan, with the aim of making the country more equitable, green and inclusive, with a more competitive, dynamic and innovative economy.

Research and innovation represent the most powerful tool to make the EU economy dynamic and competitive, while ensuring the achievement of the green and digital transition. The aim is to strengthen research and to foster the dissemination of innovative models for basic and applied research conducted collaboratively amongst universities, research institutions and public or private entities engaged in R&D activities, but also to support processes for innovation and technology transfer and to strengthen research and innovation infrastructures, plus the skills and the capitals needed to support the R&D system.

Politecnico and the PNRR

Politecnico di Torino, in line with its vocation as a technical university at the service of the territory and in close collaboration with other public and private organisations and Italian companies, is seizing the opportunities offered by the PNRR to strengthen its contribution to the relaunch of the country, to generate a direct impact on the territory at a local and national level, with trickle down effects also in terms of international competitiveness. The actions envisaged by the PNRR investments will have to be implemented responsibly within the time limit, in order to obtain the tangible financial attribution by the European Union.

Enti finanziatori PNRR