Theseus Center

"PoliTO 4 Impact" Strategic Plan aknowledges interdisciplinarity, humanities and social sciences among the educational values and skills enriching all PoliTO teaching, research and technological transfer activities.

Spring 2022 thus saw the birth of THESEUS - Center on Technology, Society and Humanity: an interdisciplinary center whose mission is to combine applied sciences with human and social studies.

During the current pilot phase, THESEUS will:

1. Promote cultural and third mission activities, by organizing seminars and workshops on technology and its social, economic, political and environmental impact.

2. Contribute to the whole course catalogue in order to combine applied sciences - notably engineering - with human and social sciences for what concerns technology, its foundations and its impact.

3. Enhance the integration of applied, human and social sciences in research, exploring prominent themes, participating to national and international research projects, and promoting policy-oriented research.

THESEUS activities are aimed at developing crucial solutions and analyses to public policy and policymaking in general, also by publicating policy briefs and position papers, plus promoting and organizing training activities for public and private decision-makers.

Among the very first results, the Master in Technology and Public Policy: a joint programme offered by PoliTO Specializing master's and lifelong learning school and ITCILO International Training Centre.

THESEUS also represents PoliTO within Scienza Nuova, the center launched by Politecnico and Università di Torino to coordinate all the activities regarding social changes emerging in the current technological transistion.

Scientific coordination

  1. Coordinator: Prof. Stefano Sacchi
  2. Comitato esecutivo
  3. Aderenti
  4. Collegio scientifico
  5. Comitato dei Garanti

Press review

(Italian only)

Corriere della Sera - Torino, 22 gennaio 2023
Paolo Coccorese, "Il tecnico del Jobs Act guida il centro che insegna tecnologia anche ai politici"