International students

Gruppo di studenti internazionali

Politecnico di Torino is an international school, where tradition and future, past and modernity intertwine. Today, the university is accredited by international rankings as one of the leading technical universities in Europe, with over 37,000 students, 19% of whom are foreigners, from over 100 countries.

At Politecnico, education and research in Engineering, Architecture, Design and Planning are integrated and create a system to provide a tangible response to the needs of students with a view to the strong internationalisation of education, research and technology transfer. Collaborations with the best universities and research centres in the world, agreements and contracts with major international industrial groups guarantee our graduates an array of opportunities to enter the job market:  9 out of 10 Master’s degree graduates have a job one year after graduation, with more stable and better-paid contracts than the average for Italian graduates (source:  AlmaLaurea).

Job opportunities that are based on sound knowldge and a university experience that becomes a life experience, as acknowledged by our students: 80% of them say that they are satisfied with the courses, the interaction with lecturers and with the infrastructure (source: CPD Annual Report 2019-2020).

Studying at Politecnico means equipping oneself with the skills needed to cope with change and to help solve the most pressing problems and issues of the times we are living in. This is also thanks to the sharing with society of the important results obtained from research and the enhancement of cultural activities, increasingly at the core of a university that wants to be the centre of a polytechnic culture that translates into research and technology, but also into culture: literature, art, music, cinema and much more, in an increasingly multidisciplinary and open perspective.