Erasmus+ Traineeship

Students who take part in the Erasmus+ Traineeship Programme can carry out an apprenticeship project/internship in a University Department. The duration of the Erasmus+ Traineeship ranges from a minimum of 2 months to a maximum of 12 months.

The Erasmus+ Traineeship Programme is open to students who are enrolled in a Degree Programme offered by European Universities that are part of the Erasmus+ Programme (not necessarily partners of Politecnico di Torino).

In order to participate in the Erasmus+ Traineeship Programme, you can check the activities of the research groups within the departments and contact the professor responsible for the research group you are interested in. 

You can send the following documents to the professor responsible for the research group:

-         Updated curriculum vitae

-         Updated Transcript of Records

-         Motivation/recommendation letter or a short summary of the activity you would like to develop at Politecnico di Torino

-         Learning Agreement for Traineeship proposal

If the Professor approves your request, you can ask for his/her help to fill in your Learning Agreement for Traineeship proposal. After this document has been signed by the PoliTo professor you will send it to your Home University that will give you a scholarship.

When your Learning Agreement for Traineeship is signed by your Home University, you have to send it to the International Mobility Unit that will enable you to fill in the online application form, which is necessary for enrolment (you will receive the instructions tby e-mail). Please note that you have to fill in your application form before your arrival at Politecnico di Torino.

If your Home University does offer you a scholarship, you will still be able to come to Politecnico for a traineeship, provied that this is approved by the PoliTo Department that will host you. In this case you do not need to be enrolled.