In order to come to Politecnico di Torino as an exchange student, you first have to be nominated by your Home University. In addition to the internal criteria defined by your Home University, the nomination will also take into account the requirements established by the agreement, such as:

  • the number of students that can be selected for each academic year;
  • the disciplinary field;
  • the duration of the mobility;
  • the type of mobility.    

Once you have been selected, your Home University will have to nominate you through the Nomination@polito tool.

The Nomination@polito tool is available twice a year, according to the starting semester of your mobility at Politecnico di Torino:

  • beginning of the mobility in the first semester (from September/October): the Nomination@polito tool opens in April
  • beginning of the mobility in the second semester (from February/March): the Nomination@polito tool opens in November

The opening and closing dates of the Nomination@polito tool are periodically established by the International Mobility Unit and are communicated to the Partner Universities together with the instructions to enter the nominations in the tool.

Politecnico di Torino can only accept students nominated through the Nomination@polito tool. Nominations received by e-mail will not be considered.

After being nominated by your Home University through the Nomination@polito tool, you will receive the instructions and the deadline to fill in your online application form through Apply@polito tool. Do not fill in the application form until you get this message!

For any doubt or information regarding the procedure related to the Nomination@polito tool, your Home University can contact the International Mobility Unit.