The UNICORE project - University Corridors for Refugees project, promoted by UNHCR, the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees, was created to give refugee students in African territories the opportunity to continue their academic career at Italian universities.

The project offers young refugees, often unable to continue their studies in the country where they found protection, the opportunity to obtain visas for study purposes in third countries.

The initiative, born in 2019 to allow refugee students in Ethiopia to arrive in Italy with a regular and safe path to continue their studies, has experienced the increasing participation of Italian universities over the years.

The Politecnico di Torino joins UNICORE for the first time as part of the broader objective stated declared its strategic plan “PoliTO4Impact” to create the conditions for inclusion, equity and hospitality that allow:

• to female students and foreign students already part of the University community but at risk of leaving to be supported in starting or regaining the conditions of face studies and life;

•  to the most promising human resources residing in developing countries refugees, asylum seekers and migrants to access at PoliTo and express their potential as part of an academic and territorial community that offers them organized and easily accessible services.