Credit transfer

Transfer of credits earned at non-Italian universities

If you passed some exams at a non-Italian university and you wish to enrol in a Bachelor’s or Master’s degree programme at Politecnico, you can ask for the transfer of the credits you earned while you were studying abroad. You need to apply for Credit transfer through your application form on Apply@polito .

General rules:

  • It is necessary to have obtained the possibility to enrol in a first-level degree course by passing the TIL / possessing international certifications such as SAT, GRE, or GMAT (not eligible for Architecture) or in a second-level course through a positive evaluation of the online application
  • you can apply for credit transfer only once during your studies, exclusively upon first enrolment at Politecnico di Torino and within deadlines established for each a.y.;
  • the credits obtained in a first cycle degree programme cannot be recognized for a second cycle degree programme;
  • your courses will be validated WITHOUT ANY GRADE until Politecnico di Torino defines university criteria for grade conversion;
  • foreign language courses passed in a previous academic career cannot be recognized;
  • your transfer credits will be immediately included in the Annual Personal Study Plan of the year of enrolment. They will not be kept on hold for the next academic years. This is done in order to facilitate (or avoid hindering) your chance to obtain or keep a scholarship or other student benefits. Scholarship recipients must check the rules for their student benefits before accepting any credit transfer.

If you are a Bachelor’s student, you are allowed to include your second- or third-year courses in your Annual Personal Study Plan only if you met your first-year unfulfilled academic requirements or if you obtained the recognition of at least 40 credits (excluding the English language exam). In any case, you are required to include your first-year incomplete courses before any other new course.

If you still have unfulfilled academic requirements , you can only include your first-year courses in your Annual Personal Study Plan (APSP). If you manage to pass these exams by the winter examination session, you will be able to update your APSP in accordance with the rules illustrated in the Student Guide – “Unfulfilled academic requirements and APSP update” section.

More information on unfulfilled academic requirements and APSP updating is available in the Student Guide – “Unfulfilled academic requirements and APSP update” section.

You must earn at least 60 credits including the Final Project credits at Politecnico di Torino in order to get your Bachelor’s degree and at least 50 credits excluding the Thesis credits in order to get your Master’s degree. The same rules apply to students who transfer to Politecnico di Torino from other Italian universities.



Log-in your APPLY page and:

  1. ADD info on your previous/current university career under section EDUCATIONAL BACKGROUND by clicking on icon  and verifying the information already included
  2. COMPLETE the table with each exam passed, related credits and grades by clicking on icon   Data entered must correspond to what reported in your official Transcript of records. Religion courses, foreign language courses and sport activities cannot be recognized, therefore you don’t have to enter them in this table.
  3. ATTACH the following documents under section ATTACHMENTS:

a)  Transcript of records scanned front and back: it’s a document issued by your current university listing all the exams taken. It MUST also include info on the applied grading (minimum and maximum grade, final grade, GPA/CGPA) and credit system. In case it does not, please attach an official declaration of your current university Registrar Office stating that required info. In case you have not graduated yet, you can attach the most updated version

b) Syllabus/Course description: it’s a document issued by the university that describes in details the content of each subject you studied. The document must be official and must carry University stamp. PDF-FORMAT syllabus downloadable from the official university website can be also accepted: in this case please be sure that the link you provide us with works properly

Documents must be official with the stamp and signature of the issuing Institution. Electronic-signed documents may be accepted only in case they are verifiable online through QR code or verification link. Documents issued in Italian, English, French, Spanish are accepted. In case your documents are in other languages, please merge together both the original version AND the official translation in Italian or English and attach the merged document.

The office will process complete applications only.  Incomplete applications (i.e. missing/not valid/not readable documents) will be automatically rejected. 

It is your responsibility to make sure that whatever is uploaded online within your personal profile is valid and acceptable according to the information of this page.


a) Students enrolling in a Bachelor or Master of Science program in the 1st term of 2023/24 a.y.:

request to be sent within:  31/08/2023

b) Students enrolling in a Master of Science program in the 2nd term of 2023/24 a.y.

request to be sent within : 14/12/2023

We recommend you to prepare all required documents before the deadline because it will not be extended for any reason.


Evaluation is done in two phases:

FIRST PHASE: Recruitment and Admission Unit verifies entry requirements.

SECOND PHASE: the Academic Commission evaluates whether the contents of the PoliTO and foreign university study plans match and identifies any courses that will be recognized..

Result will be available under section EVALUATION of your APPLY personal page. Once your EVALUATION section is updated you get an automatic notification email.

In case of positive evaluation, you need to accept partially or in total the recognized subjects and complete the enrolment procedure:





-       for Bachelor applicants the evaluation will start only after the on-line enrolment is completed, please refer to the specific the Call for admission to the Bachelor's degree programs and the Enrolment Regulations for Bachelor’s Degree Programmes;

-       for Master of science applicants with a foreign qualification: in case you are eligible for 2 Ms programs, during online appointment for identification, you have to decide which Ms program enroll to and the credit transfer request will be considered only for that Ms program;

-       once the evaluation is completed you can accept or reject the credit transfer and after that you can no longer modify the accepted subjects;

-       if you have been granted a scholarship in the frame of PoliTO international mobility projects, in order to maintain your scholarship, you can accept a maximum of 30 credits if you are enrolled in Bachelor's degree program or 20 credits if you are enrolled in Master's degree program;

-       if you got your high school diploma after 10 or 11 years of schooling, please consider that regardless the number of recognized credits, you cannot accept 60 or 120 of those credits in order to meet the admission requirements. Example: you got a high school diploma after 11 years of schooling and you successfully attended 2 years of university. Following your credit recognition request, PoliTO recognize 80 credits. 60 credits are necessary to meet the admission requirements; you can accept the other 20 credits that will be recognized and included in your PoliTO study plan as already passed;

-       if you enroll in an Italian-taught bachelor’s degree programme with first year taught in English and you get recognized the majority of credits of the 1st year you will have to fill your personal study with 2nd year courses: these courses are taught in Italian only. Please consider this issue before accepting the evaluation.