Cost of living

Renting a studio or a room in a shared apartment can represent a significant portion of the monthly budget. The average rental prices in Turin can vary depending on the area, but they generally range from around 400-600 euros per month for a single room. The cost can also be halved in the case of a shared room.

Managing food expenses can be done economically by cooking at home and shopping at affordable supermarkets. The average monthly cost for food can vary between 200 and 300 euros, taking into account occasional dinners out.

Public transportation in Turin is well-organized and convenient for students. The monthly subscription for university students costs approximately 26 euros and covers the entire public transportation network.

Regarding entertainment and leisure costs, Turin offers numerous affordable opportunities. There are museums, cinemas, parks, and cultural events that often offer discounts for students.

Expenses for textbooks and study materials can be managed by seeking online deals, utilizing university libraries, or buying used books.

Finally, it is important to consider utility expenses such as electricity, water, and internet, which can amount to around 70-100 euros per month, depending on consumption and rates.

The average cost of living in Turin (including food, goods, and services) is detailed on the Prices and Tariffs Observatory website.