Biennale Tecnologia

Cortile dell'Aula Magna con allestimenti di Biennale Tecnologia


Biennale Tecnologia is the first international initiative entirely focused on the relationship between technology, humans and society. Since 2019 - with Festival della Tecnologia's "zero edition" - Politecnico di Torino organizes and promotes, together with numerous partners, Biennale Tecnologia's series of events in order to reflect upon the major challenges nowadays imposed to our technologically-driven society.

Biennale Tecnologia is focused on the decisive role played by technology in all human life aspects - for health to environment, from personal relationships to democracy.

It is a recurrent event, alternating and somehow completing Biennale Democrazia, which promotes democratic culture and practice in the city of Turin. The aim is to to broaden our gaze to the many faces of technology: a human-created tool that ultimately significantly affects everyone's life.

Biennale Tecnologia's last edition was held in presence on November 10-13, 2022. It involved PoliTO community, schools, media, policy makers and all citizens in 130 events: lectures, dialogues, meetings, debates, exhibitions, and performances. The main venues were PoliTO campus and Castello del Valentino, but also Circolo dei lettori - a partner from the very first edition - and Officine Grandi Riparazioni - which entered in 2020 as a prestigious venue thanks to the partnership with OGR Turin and the support of Fondazione CRT.