Camera anecoica

Laboratories, advanced research infrastructures, state-of-the-art instrumentation: Politecnico di Torino is a complex “ecosystem” of places designed to foster the development and promotion of research with a view also to strengthening the university’s knowledge transfer model, understood here in the entirety of its chain, ranging from the conception phase to the promotion of the results.

However, research is not only done in the lab: the constant exchange between researchers, the formal acknowledgement of dialogues and the implementation of services for researchers are “loci” (places), even if not physical, where research is developed.

The map of the places designated to carry out research activities is therefore made up of formally established structures that aim first and foremost to be effective spaces at the service of the University's researchers and their daily work.  Spaces that not only coexist in an ideal balance, but also dialogue closely to enable Politecnico to make the greatest impact in its primary mission as a Research University.

The physical locations, the fulcrum of research at Politecnico, are of course the Departments and the Interdepartmental Centres, the “homes” of the researchers, intended to foster new opportunities and create conditions that stimulate innovation, thanks also to the promotion of a strong interdisciplinarity.

Next to them, but closely connected: the Research Infrastructures and the Laboratories, which gather and provide equipment, resources and services used by the scientific community to conduct research and promote innovation; finally, the Libraries, the places of knowledge par excellence, which - with their collections - represent a fundamental resource for the very construction of knowledge.