Interdepartmental Centers

In their everyday activities, researchers have to tackle the complexity of scientific problems, which represents one of the most common challenges they have to face on daily basis. In this regard, more and more frequently, the best solution is founded in the coordinated combination of more disciplines.

As a result, according to the objectives of its Strategic Plan, our Politecnico tried to take the opportunity to turn the interdisciplinary collaboration among different technological and scientific fields into something more systematic. In particular, in our Institution, this strategic objective was put into action through the establishment and the funding dedicated to the so-called Interdepartmental Centers, also thanks to the knowledge of some interesting international experiences gained by our partners such as MIT, Technion, ETH e EPFL.

In this regard, through some physical and organization temporary platforms (3/5 year lifetime), researchers belonging to different Departments interacted and cooperated with the aim of:

  • Combining competences and producing knowledge in the field of the so-called breakthrough technologies;
  • Making the reputation and the visibility of PoliTO grow in the areas of strategic interest at a local and a national level;
  • Enhancing relationships with the most prestigious international institutions;
  • Strengthening partnership relationships with the main players of the social and economic system.