Research infrastructures


Research and innovation infrastructures are equipment, resources and services used by the scientific community to conduct research and promote innovation. Facilitating access to research infrastructures and maximising their utilisation are essential elements in enabling the advancement of knowledge and technology. This is why the European Commission, the States and the Regions devote considerable resources to research infrastructures that meet not only the requirement of excellence but also that of accessibility.

Politecnico di Torino was able to seize the opportunities offered by the Fund for the creation of an integrated research and innovation infrastructure system, Investment 3.1 of the PNRR (Mission 4, Education and Research - Component 2, From research to enterprise - M4C2) of the Ministry of Universities and Research and by the INFRA-P calls of the Piedmont Region to support the creation of new open-access research infrastructures, through which, in line with the objectives of the “Polito4Impact” strategic plan, to give an effective impulse to the socio-economic development of the territory with a view to openness and cooperation with the public and private world.

    Our Research Infrastructures co-financed by the Piedmont Region

    Infrastructures financed by the infraP calls of the Piedmont Region

    • AerosolTech - Aerosol technology serving health workers and the public
    • CARS-HEV@PoliTo - Centre for Automotive Research and Sustainable mobility-Hybrid/Electric powertrain and Vehicle Laboratory 
    • CCL - CO2 Circle Lab
    • DJ-Lab@PoliTO - Laboratory for Structural Integrity of Joints and Materials Under Dynamic Loads
    • FIP - Photonic Technologies for Industry 4.0 in Piedmont
    • HPC4AI - High Performance Computing and Artificial Intelligence Competence Centre Turin
    • IAM@Polito - Integrated Additive Manufacturing@Politecnico di Torino
    • PAsTISs - PArco per le Tecnologie Innovative per la Salute (Hub for Innovative Health Technologies)
    • PiqueT - Piemonte Quantum Enabling Technology
    • SAX - Advanced instrumentation for complex systems
    • TEST-eDrive - e-DRIVE test infrastructure for automotive and aerospace applications

    Our PNRR-funded research infrastructures

    Research infrastructures funded by the PNRR M4C2 call of the Ministry of University and Research in which Politecnico di Torino is involved

    • iENTRANCE@ENL - Infrastructure for ENergy TRAnsition aNd Circular Economy @ EuroNanoLab
    • GeoSciences IR: a research infrastructure for the Italian Geological Services Network