Hub for Innovative Health Technologies

The PAsTISs research infrastructure (PAsTISs - PArco per le Tecnologie Innovative per la Salute) is an inter-university centre for the development of innovative technologies for health and well-being. The macro-themes currently dealt with are: the human-machine interface, diagnostic and therapeutic devices for oncology, ageing and frailty, regenerative and tissue engineering, organic/inorganic interaction at the nanoscale, advanced imaging, orthopaedic, cardiovascular and dental engineering, prostheses, implants, fracture synthesis, cryoablation probes, biorobotics and computer-assisted surgery, computational drug design, and the production of medical devices through additive manufacturing.

Other entity involved in the infrastructure:  University of Turin.

Main services

  • Multiscale mechanical and thermal characterisation and computational modelling of biological materials and medical devices.
  • In vitro and in silico evaluation of thermo-fluid dynamics in devices for the cardiovascular system.
  • Chemical and biochemical synthesis of biocompatible materials
  • 3D printing for the production of scaffolds, lab on chip and organ on chip for biological applications.
  • Advanced motion tracking with 12 infrared cameras and analysis of wireless communication protocols.
  • Tissue characterisation, Doppler flowmetric evaluation of micro- and macrovascularisation, properties associated with thermal diffusion, and biological signal and image acquisition and processing services.


  • Multiaxial (planar, axial and torsional) and Nanoindenter testing machines for hard and soft fabrics.
  • Coronary and aortic flow simulators.
  • Electron and optical microscopy systems for biological applications.
  • Cell culture laboratory.
  • Multi-modal amplification system for biosignals.
  • Verasonics Ultrasound System (128 element linear array transducer, central frequency = 8MHz).


  • Autonomous use by external users (after training).
  • Use by external users assisted by internal technical staff.


PolitoBIOMed Lab Interdepartmental Centre
Via Pier Carlo Boggio 59, Turin


Alberto Audenino


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