e-DRIVE test infrastructure for automotive and aerospace applications

TEST-eDRIVE is dedicated to testing high-performance electric motors and drives for electrification in the aerospace, automotive and mechatronic sectors for advanced production systems.  Examples of applications are:

  • More-Electric-Aircraft – on-board electric generators, actuators and inverters
  • Electric Vehicles – electric powertrains, power and control subsystems, wired and wireless chargers
  • Industrial and production applications – drives and converters

Main services

  • Testing of electric motors and drives up to 200 Nm, 20,000 rpm, 150 kW.
  • Identification of electrical machine characteristics, including the magnetic model.
  • Measurement of motor and drive efficiency maps.
  • Controlled temperature test (refrigerant from 0° to 90°, fixed machine temperature test).
  • HiL emulation of driving cycles  – operational cycles.


  • TEST-eDRIVE bench:  150 kW pk, 200 Nm nom, 20,000 rpm max with liquid cooling for machine and converter under test from 0°C to 90°C.
  • HBM T12HP torque transducer and HBM Genesis acquisition systems (GEN3i and GEN7i), 1000V direct, 2MSPS.
  • Battery emulator 60kW, 600V.
  • Three-phase mains simulator 0 - 1000Hz, 50 kW.
  • 18-phase proto inverter for testing multi-phase motors.
  • Testing of electric motors and generators up to 400 Nm.


  • Use by external users assisted by internal technical staff.
  • Service provided by in-house staff (without intervention of external users).


DYNLAB Laboratory
Corso Castelfidardo 29, Turin


Alberto Tenconi


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