Photonic Technologies for Industry 4.0 in Piedmont

The FIP Infrastructure, together with the PhotoNext Interdepartmental Centre, is the Politecnico di Torino’s reference in the field of photonics, one of the enabling technologies for “Industry 4.0”.

The main applications range from laser material processing to the use of optical fibres for data transmission, the development of structures with integrated sensors (smart structures) and monitoring in the production, environmental and biomedical fields.

Main services

  • Development of fibre optic sensors, and point and distributed monitoring systems for mechanical, structural and biomedical measurements.
  • Laser micro-processing of organic and inorganic materials
  • Creation of fibre and planar optical devices (e.g. FBGs and combiners) for telecommunications and power lasers.
  • Characterisation of materials, devices and optical sources.


  • Material processing benches with ultra-short pulse lasers.
  • System for characterising high-power lasers and optical components.
  • “Glass processing machine” for fibre optics.
  • System for the production of optical coatings and their characterisation.
  • Temperature profile and strain gauges along a very high spatial resolution optical fibre.


  • Use by external users assisted by internal technical staff.
  • Service provided by in-house staff (without intervention of external users).


Via Pier Carlo Boggio 61, Turin

Materials Laboratory for Photonics
Corso Duca degli Abruzzi 24, Turin


Guido Perrone


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