Centre for Automotive Research and Sustainable Mobility – Hybrid/Electric powertrain and Vehicle Laboratory

The CARS-HEV@PoliTO infrastructure is dedicated to the testing of conventional, hybrid and electric vehicles and powertrains.  It is a test room, which allows them to be studied and characterized in a controlled environment, measuring consumption, emissions and efficiency.  It is also possible to develop management and control strategies for hybrid and electric powertrains.

Main services

  • Testing of conventional, hybrid and electric vehicles with a weight of up to 3500 kg and a wheelbase of up to 4100 mm.
  • Experimentation of conventional, hybrid and electric powertrains and related subsystems.


Test room with:

  • 4 load dynamos,
  • electric machine to simulate a heat engine,
  • gripping devices to test vehicles and powertrains,
  • automation system to perform vehicle and powertrain tests,
  • Battery emulator,
  • robot for pedal commands,
  • system for measuring undiluted pollutants,
  • signal acquisition system.

Dedicated equipment for testing subsystems (engine cell, 1-D powertrain bench, belt drive bench, battery test room).


Use by external users assisted by internal technical staff


Machine Laboratory
Department of Energy Politecnico di Torino
Corso Duca degli Abruzzi, 24, Turin


Nicola Amati, DIMEAS - Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering


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