CCL - CO2 Circle Lab

CCL promotes a variety of innovative technologies for the capture, accumulation and utilisation of anthropogenic carbon dioxide emissions (Carbon Capture Utilisation and Storage - CCUS).  CCL therefore focuses on the development of biotechnological, electrochemical and thermochemical processes, based on Renewable Energy Sources (RES), for the formation of high value-added products from CO2, with a sustainable process management. In addition, CCL develops CCUS processes with a strong integration with energy storage systems: hubs of integrated RES-accumulation-CCUS systems (power-to-chemicals protocols, P2C); hubs between major energy networks (power-to-gas (P2G) and gas-to-power (G2P) protocols).

Main services

  • CO2 capture: capture of CO2 from industrial spent mixtures, or from mixtures of biological origin (biogas, syngas).
  • Re-use of CO2: re-use of CO2 according to electrochemical, thermochemical, biological/biochemical paradigms, fuelled by renewable energy, related to the primary role of the Hydrogen chain
  • Energy storage: CO2-related energy storage (power-to-X paradigms) and electrochemical modules (batteries and supercapacitors).


  • CO2 capture: CO2 recovery benches for absorption, permeation and chemical looping.
  • Re-use of CO2: benches for electrochemical (high and low temperature), thermo-catalytic, photo-catalytic, biological processes, also based on H2 production/use.
  • Energy storage: “power-to-X” electro-thermo-chemical process benches, cyclers/ARCs for batteries, power hardware-to-loop simulators, characterization systems for supercapacitors.


Use by external users assisted by internal technical staff


Laboratories at the Environment Park:
Via Livorno 60, Turin

  • IIT - Centre for Sustainable Future Technologies
  • CLASS - Cluster di Laboratori per lo Sviluppo Sostenibile (Cluster of Laboratories for Sustainable Development)

Laboratories at the Polytechnic of Turin:

  • Energy Centre Lab, Via Borsellino 38, Turin
  • Solar Fuels Lab, Corso Duca degli Abruzzi 24, Turin
  • Electrical & electrochemical characterization Lab, Corso Duca degli Abruzzi 24, Turin
  • LAM - Laboratorio Analisi Multimodali (Multimodal Analyses Labs) Corso Castelfidardo 51, Turin


Fabrizio Pirri, IIT-Italian Institute of Technology 

Manager for Politecnico di Torino
Massimo Santarelli, DENERG - Department of Energy “Galileo Ferraris”

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