Laboratory for Structural Integrity of Joints and Materials Under Dynamic Loads

DJ-Lab@PoliTO is a laboratory supporting the industrial fabric for the development of innovative joints and materials for structural applications in various fields of mechanics.

The activities conducted mainly concern:

  • Design and prototype realisation of joints
  • Non-destructive testing of materials and joints
  • Evaluation of structural response in the presence of static, fatigue and dynamic stresses, including temperature.

Main services

  • Technical consultancy and training courses on joint optimisation and design.
  • Monitoring and evaluation by non-destructive testing of defects and fracture surfaces.
  • Characterisation of mechanical properties under temperature and controlled atmosphere, static, dynamic and fatigue conditions.
  • Prototype production of adhesive, single- and multi-material, fusion and solid-state welds.


  • CT-Scan for internal defect analysis
  • FE-SEM with EDX and EBSD probes
  • Thermographic system for welding process monitoring and joint inspection
  • Systems for static and high-strain-rate characterisation tests (SHPB), also in temperature
  • LCF, HCF and VHCF uni/multi-axial fatigue test systems
  • Friction stir welding station
  • Robotic plant for laser and arc welding
  • Joint ovens


Service provided by in-house staff (without intervention of external users).

External personnel may be allowed access to attend testing sessions.


J-TECH Interdepartmental Centre
Corso Duca degli Abruzzi, 24, Turin

DYNLAB Laboratory
Corso Castelfidardo 30/A, Turin


Davide Paolino, DIMEAS - Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering


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