Politecnico di Torino for the emergency in Ukraine

Politecnico di Torino is committed also for the next academic year to implement initiatives aimed at welcoming and supporting Ukrainian students, doctoral students, researchers and teachers who are fleeing the conflict or are already beneficiaries of temporary protection and who are interested in studying or carrying out research activities at our University.

Dedicated information for the above-mentioned categories can be found below. 


The Poltecnico di Torino (with DR n. 265/2022 dated 23/03/2022) has adopted the following extraordinary measures to facilitate the continuation of studies at the Politecnico di Torino and access to university courses for students of Ukrainian nationality and with a residence permit for temporary protection in Italy, for the academic year 2022/23:

  • Exemption from the contribution due:
    • to register for the TIL test for one session only;
    • for the application for admission to the Master's Degree Programs
  • Deadline extension to 30/09/2022 for applying for admission to Master's Degree programs;
  • Possession of the certification of knowledge of the Italian and/or English language converted from an admission requirement to a graduation requirement (certification to be submitted by the deadline for registering for the final exam) for a Bachelor's or Master's degree program;
  • Free English language exam at the University Language Center for students enrolled in a Master's Degree course, unless they already have a valid language certificate.

Further information:


To express your interest towards the Politecnico di Torino, please write to prorettore@polito.it

For information on the scholarships awarded by CRUI for 2022/23 a.y. check this link.

The new initiatives approved by the Board of Directors of the Politecnico di Torino will be published shortly on this page.

General information

Further information relating to the residence permit and health care is also available in the following webpages: