National and regional funding

National funding


Funding for research is also assigned at the national level through European Structural Funds national program (PON - Programma Operativo Nazionale, National Operational Programme ) as well as specific national funds.

The national calls for proposals that can be of interest for Politecnico are managed and financed by the ministries:

Regional funding

Regional Operational Programmes (ROPs, POR - programmi operativi regionali) are the instruments through which development initiatives and projects on the regional territory can be financed.  ROPs are co-financed through the European Union’s Structural Funds, which are the European cohesion policy instrument, the purpose of which is to equalise different levels of development between regions and between EU Member States. Unlike programmes managed directly by the European Commission, these funds are managed at the regional level.

There are two Main Structural funds:

  1. the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF). It finances the construction of infrastructure and job-creating productive investments especially in favour of companies;
  2. the European Social Fund (ESF) promotes the occupational integration of the unemployed and disadvantaged social groups by financing especially training operations.

At the following links, you will find an in-depth look at the ROPs and a description of the main funding sub-programmes contained in the ROPs from which PoliTO draws resources: