Research support


In order to identify and respond to funding calls through research projects, Politecnico provides professors and researchers with consolidated tools and expertise covering the entire project life cycle.

The promotion and support of research funding is carried out through a wide range of services aimed at ensuring a high level of performance in taking part in European, national and regional funding programmes.

Information and training

  • Researchers can benefit from a service of monitoring of the main funding programmes and identification of specific calls for proposals corresponding to their areas of interest.

  • A weekly newsletter offers dedicated information and communicates funding opportunities arising from calls and events.
  • Coordination and support is offered  for applying to PoliTO funding
  • Useful documents on participation rules, policies and cross-cutting issues are available on the PoliTO Intranet.
  • Infodays, brokerage events are organised on major funding programmes and workshops on project writing and management, as well as on other transferable skills useful for the career development of researchers.

During the proposal stage

  • Analysis of the requirements, rules for participation and budget in calls for proposals.
  • Identification of specific policies and initiatives mentioned in the calls for proposals.
  • Partner search service.
  • A dedicated team support in writing the non-scientific sections of proposals.
  • Revision of the project proposal.
  • Targeted actions for proposals under the European Commission's Framework Programme for Research and Innovation through the initiatives ERC@Polito and MSCA@Polito and Collaborative Projects.
  • Support in negotiating and contracting with financing institutions

During the management stage

  • Administrative support is offered to departments for the management of European, national and regional projects.
  • Coordination of strategic projects and multidisciplinary initiatives is planned.
  • Support and coordination is guaranteed for internal and external audits.
  • The Research Infrastructures are coordinated in their management.

Who to contact

    Head of Division - Valentina Romano

    Office for Digital Transition grants - Head of office Maria Crea

    • Ilaria Allora - Contact point for Health, Digital Industry, NATO
    • Francesca Battisti - Contact point for Space and Security, European Territorial Cooperation and Regional Funds (S3)
    • Maria Crea - Contact point for European Partnerships Europe and Transports

    Office for Ecological Transition grants - Head of officeSilvia Infusino

    • Antonella Castellani - Contact point for Cultural heritage , Human and Social sciences 
    • Silvia Infusino - Contact point for Missions, Environment and Agroindustry 
    • Silvia Tabotta - Contact point for Energy
    • Giorgia Novajra – Contact point for  climate and UNITE!H2020

    Ilenia Bertorello - Contact point for the Brussels Hub of Politecnico di Torino

    Head of Division Talent Development and Research Environment - Chiara Biglia

    Grant Office for Investigator driven Research and Innovation - Head of Unit Maria Onorato

    EU calls: ERC, MSCA, EIC Pathfinder, Cost   National calls: PRIN, FIS, FISA, Young Researchers (PNRR)

    • Maria Onorato - contact point for Funding for fundamental research (e.g. ERC)
    • Sara Rollino - contact point for Funding for mobility and training of researchers (e.g. MSCA)
    • Valeria Di Caro - contact point for EIC Pathfinder and Cost calls.

    Valorisation of Research and Innovation Infrastructures Unit – Head of Unit Elisa Ambrosio

    • Elisa Ambrosio - contact point for the Research Infrastructures in Horizon Europe calls.
    • Irene Montanaro - contact point for National and Regional Calls for Research Infrastructures.

    Manager - Davide Scozzafava 

    • Giuliano Brignone – administrative and financial management of ministerial research projects; analysis of final financial data
    • Francesca Nardilli – projects coordinated under Cross-Organisation Agreements and projects involving both training and research activities
    • Alessandro Beria – support to the Service Manager in implementing procedures related to the financial and accounting management of the projects
    • Daniela Brunengo – EU research and European territorial cooperation projects
    • Cristiana Contardi – support for the development and implementation of IT tools and processes to manage activities related to the funded research projects
    • Stefano Di Marco – University Internal Projects Coordination
    • Barbara Facta – administrative and financial management of regional research projects; co-ordination of FI regional call