Internal funding and initiatives

Evento H2020@polito

Politecnico di Torino provides funding and promotes initiatives aimed at encouraging the quality of scientific production, design in fundamental and collaborative research, participation in projects of excellence, multidisciplinarity and internationalization of research.


  • ‘Visiting Professor’ call
    A project aimed at enhancing and strengthening the internationalization process of our scientific community by attracting new Visiting Professors in strategic areas of academic training and scientific research, coming form prestigious institutions.
  • Attraction and retention of excellent professors through "Starting Grant"
    Negotiation of "Starting Grants" with faculty of high scientific reputation from outside institutions

  • Grants for basic research
    The grant for basic research is an individual contribution granted by the University to faculty members (permament researchers, associate and full professors) who, in the three years prior to the assignment, have actively worked towards achieving results consistent with the university's strategies. It is assigned based on individual commitment to pursue at least one of the predefined objectives in the areas of teaching, research, self-financing capabilities, or third mission. The use of the funding is tied to expenses in line with the strategic plan: PhD programs, post-doc positions, visiting professors, equipment, open-access publications and monographs, scientific missions, and conference organization

  • Starting Grant Funding for RTD-A and RTD-B
    The Starting Grant funding is assigned to Researchers with fixed-term contracts, both type A and type B, when the contract starts or when a change of role occurs, from type A to type B. The allocation is aimed at providing initial financial support to cover the costs necessary for the initiation of research activities.

  • Call for Proof of Concept projects
    A call addressed to young researchers to fund the proof of concept of a patented technology, in order to increase the TRL and the possibilities for commercialization.
  • Apprenticeships for research activities
    The apprenticeships for research activities represents an opportunity for companies for research collaborations and recruit talented young people in companies. For universities, it opens new stable collaborations with local businesses and contributes to strengthening the competitiveness of the system. It can be accessed by young people holding a Master Degree up to the age of 30. The Piedmont Region supports this process aimed at bringing out a qualified demand for knowledge and innovation from businesses in close correlation with the universities. For more information and to express interest, contact
    The overall objective of the HEUROPE@POLITO project is to improve the University's performance in participating in Horizon Europe and contribute to the realization of the New ERA. It intends to improve the dissemination of the opportunities offered by Horizon Europe, strengthen the quality of proposals, increase international visibility and towards European institutions, strengthen attractiveness as a Host Institution, improve the capacity for system building and networking, and promote thematic expertise
  • RTD-B training for the second pillar of Horizon Europe
    The University encourages its researchers to actively engage in the European Commission's calls under Pillar 2 of Horizon Europe. This support includes a comprehensive training course, with face-to-face and on-the-job training sessions for proposal preparation, face-to-face meetings in Brussels with European officials, networking events aimed at partner search, and assistance in proposal writing, budgeting and review. This initiative aims to provide support for presentation by RTD-B as coordinators
    The Politecnico di Torino provides tailored support for the participation in the European Research Council (ERC) calls for both internal and external researchers, offering incentives and favorable conditions for the implementation of funded projects 
    The Politecnico di Torino provides dedicated support for the participation in MSCA Postdoctoral Fellowships and Doctoral Networks calls 
  • Professional Network support participation in funding programmes - Caffè Di-stretto 
    The aim of the 'Caffè Di-stretto' Network (DG no. 1215/2023 of 31/05/2023) is to consolidate collaboration between staff working in the field of project support with particular reference to programmes financed by public research bodies (European Commission, Ministries, Region). The Network is therefore configured as a permanent community of Research Managers & Administrators within the University, which through a continuous exchange of information and good practices promotes the enhancement of existing skills, facilitates communication, strengthens the understanding of common activities and the perception of the professional role