Internal funding and initiatives

Evento H2020@polito

Politecnico di Torino provides funding and promotes initiatives aimed at encouraging the quality of scientific production, design in fundamental and collaborative research, participation in projects of excellence, multidisciplinarity and internationalization of research.


  • ‘Visiting Professor’ call  
    A project aimed at enhancing and strengthening the internationalization process of our scientific community by attracting new Visiting Professors in strategic areas of academic training and scientific research, coming form prestigious institutions.
  • Attraction and retention of excellent professors through "Starting Grant"
    Negotiation of "Starting Grants" with faculty of high scientific reputation from outside institutions

  • Call for Proof of Concept projects
    A call addressed to young researchers to fund the proof of concept of a patented technology, in order to increase the TRL and the possibilities for commercialization.
  • Apprenticeships for research activities
    The apprenticeships for research activities represents an opportunity for companies for research collaborations and recruit talented young people in companies. For universities, it opens new stable collaborations with local businesses and contributes to strengthening the competitiveness of the system. It can be accessed by young people holding a Master Degree up to the age of 30. The Piedmont Region supports this process aimed at bringing out a qualified demand for knowledge and innovation from businesses in close correlation with the universities. For more information and to express interest, contact