Single courses

singoli insegnamenti

You can enrol in single subjects (courses) at Politecnico di Torino without enrolling in an entire degree programme ending with an academic degree, provided that you meet the requirements prescribed by the law.  

Single courses enrolment is possible in the following cases:   

  • for open competitive exams, professional updating and requalification;
  • for students enrolled at a non-Italian university;
  • to make up for any unfulfilled academic requirements for admission to a Master’s degree programme at Politecnico;
  • for students who do not have the English language certificate (B2 level) required for admission to a Master's degree programme at Politecnico.

We cannot accept single course enrolment applications for: 

  • First-year courses belonging to any Bachelor’s degree programme;
  • Laboratories, Studios, Workshops and Design Units of the Architecture area;
  • Courses belonging to capped Engineering degree programmes (i.e., programmes with a limited number of places), including courses offered in year 2 or beyond;
  • “Safety on construction site” and “Risk evaluation and management in the industry and construction sites” courses: these certificates can be awarded only to students who are regularly enrolled in this degree programme (Legislative Decree No. 81/2008).

Admission in AY 22/23

You can enrol in single courses to prepare for an open competitive exam, for your professional updating and requalification, up to a maximum of 20 credits.

You must have a high school diploma to apply for single course enrolment.

Information for students with a non-Italian qualification or students residing abroad is available on the International Students website.

Please note:

  • tuition fees for single course enrolment are composed of a fixed fee (361,00 €) plus 16 € for each credit that you want to purchase (payment terms and methods are illustrated in the Tuition Fee Guide - a. y. 2022/23);
  • single course enrolment allows you to take the exam even before the course has been delivered. We suggest you read the course syllabus to learn about the course contents and exam format;
  • the Office of the University Registrar is in charge of issuing the certificates for this type of enrolment;
  • Politecnico can recognise single course credits if you decide to enrol in a degree programme at Politecnico di Torino.

We remind you that single course enrolment is valid for one academic year only: this means that if you purchased a course for a certain academic year, but do not pass the exam by the end of the last examination session of that academic year (September), you will have to enrol in that course and buy its credits again in order to be able to sit the exam and earn the corresponding credits.

How to apply for single course enrolment:

    •  register on our Apply@polito platform (online enrolment service);
    • choose the courses you want to take from the section Select your course/Single courses;
    • submit your application and wait for the results which will be available on your Apply@polito personal page under the Evaluations section;
    • if your application is accepted, you can officially enrol in the approved courses (online enrolment only).

Deadline: 31st March 2023

PLEASE NOTE: Applicants from other Italian Universities must complete the enrolment process with the identification and verification of their personal data. The deadline to complete the enrolment process is 14/04/2023. These students will have limited access to the services available on the personal page of the Teaching Portal (e.g. they cannot request enrolment certificates and cannot register for any exam, etc.) until they complete the enrolment process.

It is possible to apply for enrollment in single courses to attend a semester or an academic year at the Politecnico di Torino outside of mobility programs.

You can include up to a maximum of 36 credits (if enrolled at other foreign universities) in your academic workload. For curricular, competitive, updating, and professional qualification needs, you can enroll in single courses offered by the University for a maximum of 20 credits, as specified in the dedicated paragraphs.

Enrollment in Single Courses involves:

  • Attending the classes
  • Passing the final exam
  • Recording the grade (at the end of the study period, a certificate is issued with the exams passed)

To enroll in Single Courses, it is necessary

  • to be enrolled at a university.



  • Register in the Apply online procedure.
  • Enter the courses for which you request enrollment through the section Choose Path / Individual Courses .
  • Submit your application and wait for the outcome, visible in the Evaluations section of your Apply personal page.
  • Proceed with the enrollment in the authorized courses if the request is approved.

Please note that enrollment is only possible after verification of the documentation by the  Recruitment and Admission Unit.

Deadline: April 4th, 2024

Please remember that enrollment in Single Courses  is valid for one academic year only. This means that if a course is purchased in a particular academic year but the corresponding exam is not passed by the last exam session of the academic year (September), a new enrollment in Single Courses will be required in the following academic year, with the need to purchase the credits again in order to take and record the exam.

The following documentation is required for enrollment:

  • Passport (or ID document for EU citizens)
  • Residence permit for non-EU citizens residing in Italy
  • Study visa "University Enrollment" type D "national" for non-EU citizens not residing in Italy (see paragraph on Pre-enrollment)
  • Fiscal code issued by the Revenue Agency (Agenzia delle Entrate) or, for non-residents in Italy, by the competent Embassy or Consulate
  • High school diploma (level 4 EQF) with an official translation into Italian (translation is not necessary for diplomas issued in English, French, or Spanish)


  • Certificate of enrollment at a foreign university with an official translation into Italian (translation is not necessary for original certificates in English, French, Portuguese, or Spanish)

Please note that the enrollment fee consists of a fixed fee of €361 (including duty stamp and insurance) plus an amount of €16.00 per credit purchased (payment methods are described in the Student Contribution Guide 2023/2024).

Non-European Union students living abroad (visa applicants):

If you fall into this category (check here), you MUST also submit the pre-enrollment application ONLINE through the UNIVERSITALY Portal within:

31st July 2023 for 1st semester ay 23/24

8th January 2024 for 2nd semester ay 23/24


Admission in AY 22/23

If you do not meet the curricular requirements for Master’s admission, you must make up for your unfulfilled academic requirements (unearned credits) before you can enrol in the Master’s degree programme you have chosen. To this end, you are required to enrol in single courses for unfulfilled academic requirements for Master's admissions.

You can include up to a maximum of 60 credits in your APSP after your application for Master’s admission has been rejected.

For further information, please visit the relative pages. 

Admission in AY 22/23

If you do not meet the language requirement for admission to a Master’s degree programme (English language certificate – B2 level) by the closing date for enrolment in the first semester, you can enrol in single courses. In this case, you can enrol in the courses offered in the first semester of the first year of the Master’s degree programme for which you have been denied admission.

For further information, please visit the relative pages.