Open Badge

Open Badges are digital certificates that allow diverse types of disciplinary and technical competencies and soft skills to be visible to all stakeholders in a simple and immediate way.
An Open Badge contains a graphic image and information (metadata) on the competence represented by the badge and the person who has earned it.

Each badge includes:

  • The identity of the person who has earned it
  • The date when the badge has been awarded
  • The specific skill represented by the badge and how this skill has been achieved and assessed
  • The person who has assessed the skill and the validity of the badge over time

Open badges are issued in English and are valid at the international level. They can be verified in real-time by an OBI system.
Students who earn several badges can build their own digital Portfolio, easy to read, find and evaluate. It is a CV 2.0 which enhances the professional experience of the holder, thus overcoming the rigidity of traditional resumes.


The activities that release an Open Badge are: