Technology transfer initiatives

Techshare day

With its resources and capabilities, Politecnico identifies and manages the best ideas, promotes intellectual property protection, increases technology readiness of patented technologies, encourages dialogue and collaboration with companies, and promotes entrepreneurship, considering and leveraging on the regional network of companies.

To support these processes, the university offers and promotes several dedicated initiatives.

PNRR - Italy's National Recovery and Resilience Plan

PNRR Piano Nazionale di Ripresa e Resilienza

As a technical university voted to serve the region, Politecnico di Torino works closely with other public and private organizations as well as Italian firms to fulfill its vocation. PNRR provides opportunities for the institution to enhance its contribution to the nation's relaunch, with a direct impact on both the local and national economies, with repercussions for international competitiveness as well.

Politecnico di Torino is involved in 4 initiatives:

  1. INNOVATION ECOSYSTEM “NODES – Nord Ovest Digitale e Sostenibile (North West Digital and Sustainable) (see below)

  2. NATIONAL CENTRE for SUSTAINABLE MOBILITY: founded to be a real tool for growth and development in the mobility sector. The mission of the Centre is to assist in the green and digital transition with a sustainable perspective, ensuring the industrial transition of the sector and assisting local institutions to implement modern, sustainable, and inclusive solutions in the country’s cities and regions.

  3. RESEARCH AND INNOVATION INFRASTRUCTURE. The University has obtained funding for four upcoming pieces of technological innovation infrastructure proposed by the Ministry for Universities and Research for a total amount of € 145 million:

    • INFUTURO - “Technological innovation infrastructure INFUTURO (IN THE FUTURE)”

    • IRSME - “National innovation infrastructure in a network for simulating and monitoring the energy system”

    • ISM4Italy - “Innovation infrastructure for sustainable mobility in Italy”

    • IS4Aerospace - “Technological innovation infrastructure for knowledge transfer in the field of new aerospace challenges”

  4. EXTENDED PARTNERSHIPS: being defined; these aim to fund large fundamental and/or applied research programmes, characterised by an interdisciplinary, holistic, and problem-solving approach, implemented by broad networks of universities, public research bodies, and other public and private parties.

NODES – Nord Ovest Digitale e Sostenibile



NODES, the ecosystem for innovation and sustainable digital, was presented by Politecnico together with a network of 24 partners and was selected and funded by the Ministry for Universities and Research as part of the investments available with the PNRR funds.

NODES involves measures to support the sustainable and inclusive growth of reference regions in the so-called double transition - digital and ecological.

The university support companies and academics along three different typologies of projects: Industrial Poc, academic PoC, and Ph.D. sponsored by companies.

"Linea A - riservata a progetti di ricerca e sviluppo sperimentale, anche in collaborazione, nel territorio di NODES " aims to reach companies strongly interested in introducing significant innovations in relation to products, processes or services that may already part of their business. This project is oriented towards the development of technologies with high levels of technological maturity (TRL), with focus on the prototyping phases. The beneficiaries may be Micro, Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (MSMEs) that will compete in single or collaborative mode with other companies, or Large Enterprises (IMs) in collaborative mode provided that they collaborate with at least one MSME.

The second call, "Linea B riservata all’acquisizione di qualificati servizi a sostegno della ricerca e dell’innovazione, nel territorio di NODES ", taargets companies and consortia to sustain and develop new innovation projects through the acquisition of qualified advanced services, corresponding to those identified in the "NODES Ecosystem Catalogue". The beneficiaries can be Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MPMI) which can compete individually or collaboratively with other enterprises.

More information are available in the dedicated section Proof of Concept.

Additional information are available at Phd and Companies website page.

For additional information:

CTE Next

CTE Next Casa delle Tecnologie Emergenti Torino

Politecnico di Torino is participating in the project: House of Emerging Technologies of Turin - CTE Next, the goal of which is to implement, in Turin and in close collaboration with the Turin universities, a geographically distributed centre for technology transfer  for emerging technologies linked to 5G in vertical sectors that are strategic for the region:

  • Smart Road (with a focus on self-driving and connected vehicles)
  • Urban Air Mobility
  • Industry 4.0
  • Innovative Urban Services and SMEs

The centre aim is also to create an attractive environment for start-ups and SMEs, both born in italy as also incoming from foreign countries.

CTE Next is a partnership comprising 12 organisations, both public and private, led by the Turin Municipality.


Logo Knowledge Share
Logo Knowledge Share

Born from an idea of Politecnico di Torino and now managed by Netval and MISE-Uibm, the Knowledge-Share platform is the showcase of patents derived from public Italian research. With approximately 1,500 technologies that can be freely consulted, the goal of the portal is to become the platform to match the demand and supply of innovation developed by university research and research centres, gathering the portfolio of knowledge and technology that can be the subject of an industrial application and making it easily accessible for external stakeholders.

Tech Share Day

Techshare day 2019

Created in 2016 by a collaboration between Politecnico di Torino and Intesa Sanpaolo, the TechShare Day is a day dedicated to sharing technological knowledge. The University presents its portfolio of patents, prototypes, and professional expertise to companies, investors, and the academic world, via a series of dedicated events that are open and free.

The event, whose recent editions were held with the collaboration of NETVAL, is intended to strengthen the relationship between universities, companies, and venture capital firms, with a view to fostering the technology transfer capabilities of the region.

By connecting the supply of industrial patents to SMEs’ demand for innovation, participating companies and ivnestors can analyse the details of patents, made available online through a dedicated platform, before directly meeting during the day with the inventors, over the course of one-to-one meetings, to discuss the advantages and applications of the technologies.