Career opportunities

The program covers a broad spectrum of skills in the fields of Electrical, Electronics, and Communications Engineering, from device-level engineering to the design of systems and architectures, from information and communication technologies (ICTs) to sustainable energy management and delivery, for applications ranging from semiconductors to artificial intelligence, from automotive to aerospace engineering.

Developing competences...

From the very beginning, candidates are trained to address numerous research problems, developing a portfolio of technical competences and an attitude to problem-solving with growing autonomy. Most of the research activities are part of relevant scientific projects, allowing the candidates not only to gain highly qualified work experience but also to contextualize their contribution, being also involved in research management activities such as looking for funding opportunities and participating in project proposals. The candidates have the chance to take part in teaching activities, mentoring undergraduate students, and holding lectures and seminars that, together with conference talks, contribute to strengthening their communication and team working abilities.

The EECE Doctorate Program provides an extraordinary opportunity to acquire and learn how to exploit competencies and skills for advancing science and technology, and for contributing to and managing innovation. These competencies are highly demanded by the job market. 

…to enable careers on

Having matured competencies and skills for advancing and managing science and technology, EECE Ph.D. laureates are at the forefront of innovation. In this view, they foresee several career opportunities:

  • Ph.D. candidates live in an academic environment, where research and teaching activities coexist. A natural opportunity is to continue the academic career targeting employment as a university faculty member, either in Politecnico di Torino or in other institutions, exploiting the network of contacts built during projects and secondment periods.
  • several research activities are carried out in collaboration with research centers in Italy (CNRIITFBKINRIM) or foreign countries (NASAMax Planck InstituteDLR). Aiming at a career very focused on research, one possibility is to be hired as a research scientist in one of these institutions.
  • a possible career opportunity is in technology transfer as a startupper, having access to the support of the Innovative Enterprise Incubator (I3P), one of the best university business incubators in the world. 
  • many EECE activities are framed in collaborations with innovative companies such that the Ph.D. program could also be the bridge towards careers in industry, either as research and development technicians or in management roles.