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Politecnico di Torino’s path towards a Sustainable Campus is presided over by the Green Team, a HUB aimed at gathering the skills and awareness relating to the 17 Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations 2030 Agenda, applied to the university environment.

The Team’s objective is to foster the integration of sustainable development issues into university research, teaching, communication and all support activities, to prepare students and staff for the major challenges posed by the 2030 Agenda.    

Activities are organised in specific Working Groups (WGs), coordinated by University Coordinators, according to vertical lines of action, sided by horizontal engagement actions to support the University's “third mission” objectives. 

The Green Team is supported by an the Sustainability office that coordinates the operation of the different activities.

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The Green Team consists of more than 90 members, including professors, researchers and technical-administrative staff representing all University structures, areas and departments, as well as representatives of the student cohorts and the University Bodies.

Through thematic Working Groups (Energy and Climate Change, Sustainable Mobility, Resources, Education and Public Awareness, Inclusion and Equity), the members of the Green Team discuss and develop initiatives aimed at fostering the integration of sustainable development issues within university research, teaching, communication and campus service activities, in order to address the major Challenges posed by the United Nations 2030 Agenda.    

Periodically, the Green Team meets in plenary form to update itself on the activities of the Working Groups and cross-cutting initiatives, so that the representatives of the participating Areas and Departments can take what has been discussed back to their own domains.

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There are five areas of interest for the Green Team (Energy and Climate Change, Sustainable Mobility, Resources, Education and Public Awareness, Inclusion and Equity), each of which is coordinated by one or more reference lecturers. In further detail:

  • Patrizia Lombardi –Vice-Rector for Sustainable Campus and Communities – Green Team Coordinator – Education and Public Awareness Coordinator  
  • Bruno Dalla Chiara – Mobility manager – Sustainable mobility co-ordinator  
  • Debora Fino – Resources manager – Resources area coordinator  
  • Alberto Poggio – Energy manager – Energy and climate change coordinator
  • Jost Von Hardenber – Energy and Climate Change Co-ordinator
  • Giuseppe Quaglia – Inclusion and Equity Area Coordinator

The Sustainability Office (formerly the Green Team Office):

  • oversees, coordinates and harmonises project initiatives dedicated to improving Campus services and usability;
  • oversees the implementation of the University’s emissions inventory and decarbonisation plan, in cooperation with the Energy, Mobility and Resources Manager and the relevant departments;
  • monitors and provides representation of metrics and indicators related to Campus facilities and services;
  • coordinates actions to support the sustainable development of the University;
  • supports the actions of the University Green Team and its Managers and coordinates activities in the various areas of competence (mobility, energy and climate, resources, training and public awareness, inclusion and equity)
  • promotes, also through targeted communication campaigns, actions on sustainable development in its environmental and social aspects
  • supports awareness-raising activities on sustainable development issues among staff and the student community;
  • oversees thematic rankings and sustainability reporting;
  • supports the University’s participation in networks and projects related to sustainable development: support for the RUS chairmanship.

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