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Politecnico di Torino’s path towards a Sustainable Campus is presided over by the Green Team, a HUB aimed at gathering the skills and awareness relating to the 17 Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations 2030 Agenda, applied to the university environment.

The Team’s objective is to foster the integration of sustainable development issues into university research, teaching, communication and all support activities, to prepare students and staff for the major challenges posed by the 2030 Agenda.    

Activities are organised in specific Working Groups (WGs), coordinated by University Coordinators, according to vertical lines of action, sided by horizontal engagement actions to support the University's “third mission” objectives. 

The Green Team is supported by the CALOS Department and in particular by the Sustainability Division that coordinates the operation of the different activities in collaboration with the Strategic Projects and Campus Services Monitoring Division.

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There are five areas of interest for the Green Team (Energy and Climate Change, Sustainable Mobility, Resources, Education and Public Awareness, Inclusion and Equity), each of which is coordinated by one or more reference lecturers. In further detail:

  • Patrizia Lombardi –Vice-Rector for Sustainable Campus and Communities – Green Team Coordinator – Education and Public Awareness Coordinator  
  • Bruno Dalla Chiara – Mobility manager – Sustainable mobility co-ordinator  
  • Debora Fino – Resources manager – Resources area coordinator  
  • Alberto Poggio – Energy manager – Energy and climate change coordinator
  • Jost Von Hardenberg – Energy and Climate Change Co-ordinator
  • Giuseppe Quaglia – Inclusion and Equity Area Coordinator
  • Alfonso Capozzoli Data Manager (focused on energy and water)

Green Team 2023

The Green Team consists of more than 90 members, including professors, researchers and technical-administrative staff representing all University structures, areas and departments, as well as representatives of the student cohorts and the University Bodies.

Through thematic Working Groups (Energy and Climate Change, Sustainable Mobility, Resources, Education and Public Awareness, Inclusion and Equity), the members of the Green Team discuss and develop initiatives aimed at fostering the integration of sustainable development issues within university research, teaching, communication and campus service activities, in order to address the major Challenges posed by the United Nations 2030 Agenda.    

Periodically, the Green Team meets in plenary form to update itself on the activities of the Working Groups and cross-cutting initiatives, so that the representatives of the participating Areas and Departments can take what has been discussed back to their own domains.







DAD – Department of Architecture and Design

Corrado Carbonaro

Departmental district contact


Carlo Deregibus

Masterplan contact


Roberto Giordano

Departmental district contact


Roberta Ingaramo

Contact for Natural Based Solution

DAUIN - Department of Control and Computer Engineering Maddalena Morando Departmental district contact


Alessandro Savino

Departmental district contact

DENERG – Energy Department

Arianna Astolfi

Departmental district contact


Alfonso Capozzoli

Data Manager focused on energy and water within the Green Team


Mariapia Martino

Departmental district contact


Alberto Poggio

Energy Manager, Coordinator of the Energy and Climate Change scope of the Green Team, PoliTO representative in the Energy WG of RUS

DET - Department of Electronics and Telecommunication

Federica Cappelluti

Open Science contact

  Samuele D'Onofrio Departmental district contact


Eros Pasero

Departmental district contact


Alessandro Rizzo

Departmental district contact

DIATI - Department of Environment, Land and Infrastructure Engineering

Marina Clerico

Unicef course contact


Bruno Dalla Chiara

Mobility Manager, Coordinator of the Sustainable mobility scope of the Green Team, National coordinator of the Mobility WG of RUS


Silvia Fiore

Departmental district contact


Elisa Vanin

Departmental district contact


Jost Graf Von Hardenberg

Coordinator of the Energy and Climate Change scope of the Green Team, PoliTO representative in the Climate Change WG of RUS

DIGEP - Department of Management and Production Engineering

Paolo Landoni

Departmental district contact


Stefania Piazza

Departmental district contact


Luca Settineri

PoliTO representative in the Universities for Industry WG of RUS

DIMEAS - Department Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering

Walter Franco

Departmental district contact


Giuliana Mattiazzo

PoliTO representative in the Universities for Industry WG of RUS


Giuseppe Quaglia

Coordinator of the Inclusion and Equity scope of the Green Team, PoliTO representative in the Inclusion and Social Justice WG of RUS


Raffaella Sesana

PoliTO representative fot the PIUAEI Network


Maurizio Vallana

Departmental district contact

DISAT - Department of Applied Science and Technology

Debora Fino

Coordinator of the Risorse nel Green Team, PoliTO representative WG of RUS Food e WG of RUS Resources and Waste


Lucia Pappani

Departmental district contact


Tonia Tommasi

Departmental district contact

DISEG - Department of Structural, Geotechnical and Building Engineering

Silvio D’Elicio

Departmental district contact


Stefano Invernizzi

Departmental district contact


Erica Lenticchia

Departmental district contact


Caterina Mele

Componente del CdA


Anna Osello

Componente del CdA

DISMA – Department of Mathematical Sciences "G. L. Lagrange"

Roberto Fontana

Departmental district contact


Vito Melchionda

Departmental district contact

DIST – Interuniversity Department of Regional and Urban Studies and Planning

Stefano Bechis

Departmental district contact


Patrizia Lombardi

Coordinator of the Green Team, Coordinator of the Education and Public Awareness scope of the Green Team, RUS President


Tatiana Mazali

PoliTO representative in the Education WG of RUS


Riccardo Pollo

Departmental district contact

Administrative Areas



AGACON – Procurement, Tenders and Public Contracts

Federica Patti

Department contact

AMM – Central Administration Elisa Pasquini

Department contact

  David Trangoni

Department contact

ARIA – Institutional Relations, General Affairs and Archives

Marco D'addario Department contact

Giorgia Nutini

Department contact


Chiara Guasco

Department contact

AVVO – University Attorneys

Yassine Ramli

Department contact

ISIAD – IT Services and Digital Administration

Bruno Giana

Department contact


Francesco Puccio

Department contact


Elisa Zanone

Department contact

NUMED – Multimedia Design&Production

Riccardo Gelatti

Hub contact

PEPS – HR. Research and Development

Nathalie Vacchiano

Department contact

PIFIC – Financial Planning and Budgeting

Federica Trucco

Department contact

PROGES – Building Heritage, Design and Construction and Workplace Safety

Marcella Albieri PoliTO representative in the Food WG of RUS


Gregorio Cangialosi

Department contact


Carlo Dal Cason

Department contact


Marcello Coatto

Department contact


Nicola Cassanelli

PoliTO representative in the Resources and Waste WG of RUS


Emanuele Loglisci

Department contact


Davide Negro

Department contact


Marco Piccione

Department contact


Francesca Roveri

Department contact

PROSIQ  Programmazione Strategica, Internazionalizzazione e Qualità

Gianni Carioni Department contact

Silvia Carosso

Department contact

Miriam Negri

Department contact

RIMIN – Research, Technology Transfer and Innovation

Valeria Catanzaro

Department contact


Marco Dori

Department contact


Cesare Tamburi

Department contact

SAIL - Campus Sustainability, Research Infrastructures and Laboratories Mara Baccolla

Department contact

  Paola Biglia

Coordinator of the RUS organizational office

  Enrico Borgo

PoliTO representative Mobility WG of RUS

  Giovanni Ciceri

Department contact

  Valentina Colaleo

PoliTO representative Mobility WG e Climate WG of RUS

  Chiara Genta

PoliTO representative Food WG, Resources and Waste WG, Education WG, and Student Community WT of RUS

  Giuseppina Puglisi

PoliTO representative Energy WG of RUS

  Mario Ravera

Department contact

  Barbara Spataro

PoliTO representative in the Climate Change WG of RUS

  Claudio Turcotti

PoliTO representative in the Energy WG of RUS

STUDI – Students, Education and International Affairs Cinzia Ninetto

PoliTO representative in Inclusion and Social Justice WG of RUS

  Fernanda Torre 

Department contact

Student Teams



Mi lego al territorio

Alessia Franco

Team contact

Team Ecopoli

Valerio Giunta

Team contact

Team Weeeopen

Lucio Druetto

Team contact





Roberto Mezzalama

CdA member


Franca Santella

CdA member – Students representative


Matteo Trane

Education e Public Awareness scope support

  Marco Piscitelli

Data Manager support

  Roberto Chiosa

Data Manager support

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