Mobility and transport

Politecnico di Torino has been constantly striving - in a crescendo since 2013 - to promote a modern, flexible and co-modal approach to the daily commute of employees and students, i.e., sustainable in terms of both traffic and energy-environmental issues.

All round sustainable modal choices are therefore pursued - in terms of safety, quality and efficiency - by encouraging the use of shared transport, including public transport, promoting pedestrian and bicycle mobility, and generally favouring forms of motorised mobility with a low environmental impact, locally as well as globally; this applies to both service travel and daily journeys to and from the University.

The actions concern:

  • promoting the use of shared transport, from public transport in the first place to mobility as a service, through incentives and agreements;
  • monitoring the modal choices of the University’s staff and students to guide planning actions more effectively;
  • the adoption and optimisation in the use of equipment, facilities and services on Campus for individual transport.

Constant monitoring of the University's modal choices also allows a periodic estimation of aggregate consumption and consequent CO2 emissions for a review of the University’s progress towards decarbonisation.