Water is a precious resource, and its availability and management problems affect many areas.

The Politecnico has always paid particular attention to the responsible use of water. In its building projects, it pays attention to sustainable resource management, encouraging the experimental use of non-drinking water (rainwater or purified water) for uses that do not require drinking water, and monitoring drinking water consumption.

In all this, it is also necessary for students and staff of the University to participate in water sustainability policies, contributing to the actions with intelligent management of the resources even on a personal level while on campus.

Rainwater harvesting

In the recently constructed campus buildings (Energy Centre and Residenza Mollino), systems have been set up to collect and store rainwater for later use for irrigation or toilet flushing.

Reducing water consumption

Various strategies have been adopted to limit the water consumption of activities in the University, such as the installation of flow reducers in toilets and aerators for washbasins, and the monitoring of consumption in real time

Green Management

In the Athenaeum's green areas, the plants and shrubs planted are native with a low demand for irrigation throughout the year.