Campus consumption and activities

Living LAB PoliTO

Politecnico di Torino has had its own monitoring centre since 2011, the Living LAB, which collects and processes consumption data streams provided by specific sensors in order to monitor consumption in real time and consequently support better energy and resource management.

The data managed by the Living Lab concern:



Actions to counter the climate and energy emergency

Against the backdrop of the international climate and energy emergency, the University has decided to deploy numerous initiatives to make an immediate and concrete contribution to curbing consumption and, more generally, to cope with the growing international instability and rising energy prices.  

// In the last WINTER PERIOD, the initiatives were:

  • reduction by 1°C of the set temperatures in the heating system 
  • switching off all hot water heaters in sanitary facilities, with the exception of showers and washbasins serving changing rooms and laboratories  
  • reduction of refrigeration in water dispensers (where possible)

New policies for automatic switching on and off of lights in common areas were also completed.

Through these actions, in the second quarter of 2022, the expected energy savings are quantifiable in 2% of thermal energy and approximately 1% of electrical energy.  

// In the SUMMER PERIOD, needs change and the focus shifts to the energy demand related to the air-conditioning of our rooms.  On this point, also in view of the current climatic situation (May 2022), we have started to switch on the systems in the rooms most exposed to rising room temperatures, with constant monitoring of the individual situations and variable adjustments based on the identified needs.  

In order to realise and further increase the results of the actions taken, the involvement and commitment of the entire University community is also needed. See what you can do on this link.