Inclusion and equity

The United Nations 2030 Agenda cross-cuts the themes of equity and inclusion in various SDGs (SDG 4: inclusive education, SDG 8: labour inclusion, SDG 10: inclusive politics and inequality, SDG 11: inclusive cities, SDG 16: peace and justice).

The University has therefore deemed it appropriate to create a working group within the Green Team, which, in a transversal manner with respect to all the actions developed in the University on these issues by the various structures, summarises and collects what has been implemented and can tell the story in a unified manner with respect to the objectives of the 2030 Agenda, as a critical observatory on inequality, discrimination, forms of inequity, but also as a window on actions and services focused on the right to study, on policies that are inclusive and attentive to inequality and on the reduction of the existing barriers.

We therefore intend to represent the diversity, equity and inclusion initiatives developed at the University, to stimulate the entire academic community, including our stakeholders, to work on these issues, to consolidate the culture of diversity, equity and inclusion in a shared path of value creation.