Climate action

Action 2040

Politecnico di Torino aims to achieve carbon neutrality by 2040.  

The path to reach the ambitious goal of zero emissions, 10 years ahead of the “Net Zero” commitments made at the international level, represents a major challenge for the University, which requires the initiation of immediate and concrete actions in the short term and a multi-year Decarbonisation Plan to reduce CO2 (direct and indirect).

"As a university and as a society we are facing a process of profound technological, environmental and social transformation, the effects of which, even critical, are already visible to all and involve all generations, even beyond national frontiers. Politecnico, which for many years has been a major international player on all the most advanced technologies, intends to anticipate and accompany this new transition through an open and shared path, which will also allow its technical skills to be available to society and local communities.  We believe that people are the essential element for a new sustainable transition, and we therefore consider it essential to face this challenge in a collective manner, enhancing the technical skills and creative and innovative solutions that will emerge from active and continuous listening. For this very reason, in the coming months we will be launching “calls for ideas”, open to the academic community and our stakeholders, through which we will gather innovative proposals and ideas for action to help strengthen the new decarbonisation plan. This path will also allow us to consolidate our ties with the internal and external communities, involving and creating value not only for our University but for the entire territorial context.”

“Over the past few years, as the Network of Universities for Sustainable Development we have been working on an emissions survey protocol for universities that has proven to be an excellent starting point for the construction of our emissions dashboard. On this information base, the University can make informed decisions and develop targeted actions to achieve carbon neutrality and, at the same time, support the difficult path towards climate neutrality of the City of Turin, which is one of the 100 ‘Mission Cities’ in Europe, hence becoming a hub for climate experimentation and innovation.”

“The path we are about to embark on will have an impact on all the technical-administrative structures of the University, which are called upon to collaborate to ensure that all lines of activity in the coming years converge towards the common goal of decarbonisation.”