Decarbonisation plan


The work carried out with the emission inventory brought to a number of considerations:

  • Clear evidence of priority areas of CO2 production (heating, electricity, mobility)
  • The need to involve the academic community in the overall evaluation of the actions and completion of the overall programme
  • The need to integrate information on certain areas (e.g.: waste, food) and to increase the level of detail of the surveys in order to be able to identify specific local actions (e.g.: impact on individual buildings)
  • Opportunity to complete simulation with the «numbers« of the overall community, which includes students (mobility, other), to ensure the best possible result on scope 3 as well
  • Opportunity/need to discern emissions from ordinary operation versus emissions from specific research activities

These analyses and considerations have therefore led to the identification of the first short-term actions that will concern the upgrading of the University's photovoltaic systems, the completion of the replacement of windows and doors, the advancement of the revamping plan for LED lighting systems, the improvement of the environmental monitoring of spaces through the implementation of new sensors in the University facilities, and the optimisation of the tuning of thermal and electrical systems.


Click here for the Action Plan towards the Net zero Goal.