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Student Associations


PoliENERGY is a non-profit student association founded in 2018 by students of the Politecnico di Torino. Our mission is to raise awareness in the community about issues related to energy and environmental sustainability. As an association affiliated with the Politecnico, we aim to be more than just a gathering place for students interested in these topics. In fact, we intend to serve as a reference and direct link between the student world and the professional world. We want to spread awareness about sustainability, both among ourselves and in our surroundings. Over the years, we have organized numerous events, seminars, and conferences in collaboration with various companies, startups, associations, and academic figures, all with the goal of promoting solutions for energy sustainability. We are Energy that proposes and disseminates solutions for Energy.


The association engages in activities promoting social usefulness. Its purpose is to contribute to the development of social innovation by identifying and managing initiatives within the Politecnico di Torino and the city of Turin, with the possibility of extending regionally, nationally, and internationally. The association believes in the future and technological development: thanks to the democratization of product development processes (innovation platforms, 3D printing, crowdsourcing, open innovation, etc.), democratization of finance for innovation (crowdfunding, crowdequity, social finance, ...), and the growing attention to social and environmental issues. With the aim of finding new solutions to social problems, the association organizes and encourages awareness-raising activities, idea development for social and sustainability projects, support in project management for student teams with impactful ideas, promotes training and educational events to create opportunities for integration and socialization among students.

Student Teams


EcòPoli is a student team that has been focusing on environmental issues since 2017, carrying out projects centered around sustainability and awareness-raising activities. It originated as a branch of the Green Team, with which we collaborate to advance initiatives of common interest.

Mi Lego al Territorio_Logo

We are "Mi LEGO al Territorio", a student team from the Politecnico di Torino composed of engineering and architecture students united by a strong interest in Civil Protection and environmental prevention. We are involved in raising awareness about natural risks, such as seismic and hydrogeological risks, through scale models entirely built with LEGO®, which allow for simulating and observing firsthand the effects of earthquakes and flooding in an engaging and educational manner.