Actions to cope with the climate and energy emergency



// In the WINTER PERIOD, the actions taken mainly consist:

  • in the reduction by 1°C of the temperatures set in the regulation of heating systems 
  • in the switching off of all hot water heaters in sanitary facilities, with the exception of showers and washbasins serving locker rooms and laboratories 
  • in the reduction of refrigeration in water dispensers (where possible)

New policies for automatic switching on and off of lights in common areas have also been completed.

Through these actions, expected energy savings can be quantified as 2% of thermal energy and about 1% of electrical energy. 


// In the SUMMER PERIOD, needs change and the focus shifts to the energy demand related to air conditioning of our premises.

To this end, given also the current climatic situation, we proceed with the switching on of systems in the rooms most exposed to the rise in ambient temperatures, with constant monitoring of individual situations and with variable adjustments based on the detected needs. 


To further increase the results of the actions put in place, the involvement and engagement of the entire university community is also needed. See what you can do at this link.