Politecnico di Torino is committed to promoting the responsible management of resources by promoting the reduction of consumption, discouraging waste, and favoring recycling and reuse policies with a view to a circular economy.

The actions implemented by the University in the area of Resources concern:

  • The management of waste disposal, which translates into reducing and rationalizing waste and thus decreasing its environmental impact, following the “reuse-recycle-reduce” approach to complete closure of the product life cycle sustainably;
  • The management of water resources by monitoring consumption and promoting strategies to reduce the waste of water;
  • The enhancement of the sustainability of the agri-food supply chains. The university canteens and other food services rely on local and organic providers or purchase sustainable and certified food products (DOP, DOCG Fairtrade certification) for the preparation of sustainable and healthy meals. 
  • The responsible management of the procurement. Materials and consumables purchased by the University follow the guidelines of Green Public Procurement in a way that respects the environment without forgetting the affordability of procurement. Sustainability policies in this regard cover all purchases, including those of consumables, electronic equipment and beverages, cleaning products, furniture, and more. Purchases thus respond to the guidelines of the CAM (criteri ambientali minimi) and the APE network promoted by Arpa Piemonte and the Metropolitan City of Turin.


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