Politecnico di Torino is committed to promoting the responsible management of resources by promoting the reduction of consumption, by discouraging waste and by favouring recycling and reuse policies with a view to a circular economy.

The actions implemented by the University in the area of Resources concern:

 the management of waste disposal, which translates into reducing and rationalising waste and thus decreasing its environmental impact, following the “reuse-recycle-reduce” approach with a view to complete closure of the product life cycle in a sustainable manner;

  • management of water resources by monitoring consumption and promoting strategies to reduce waste;
  • the enhancement of the sustainability of the agri-food supply chains (through the valorisation of local products and the encouragement of guidelines for catering suppliers within the university).

responsible management of the procurement of consumer goods, following the guidelines of green public procurement (EPA Protocols) so as to respect the environment without forgetting the cost-effectiveness of procurement.