Students with Specific Learning Disorders (SpLD)

We provide a verity of services for students with SpLD:

  • provide support to people with SpLD, encouraging their educational success;
  • ensure adequate training and development of their potential;
  • reduce educational and emotional difficulties.


Specific services

In particular, we offer:

  • support to future students to take the admission tests;
  • tutoring sessions, where we help students to get familiar with the University and we give useful advices on the method of study for core subjects;
  • occasiosn for exchange and discussion with teachers in order to identify the most suitable ways to attend the courses and take the exams.


Legislative framework:

The integration of students with SpLD at university is guaranteed by Law nº 170 of 8 October 2010 (New Rules on Specific Disabilities of Learning in Schools), which recognizes dyslexia, dysgraphia, disortography and dyscalculia as specific learning disorders, more generally referred to as "SpLD".

To benefit from our services, students need to submit an official certificate (drawn up pursuant to L. 170/2010 and issued no more than 3 years ago by the Italian Health Authority or by specialists and institutions accredited by the same). The request will be evaluated by the Special Needs Unit, which will analyse the specific needs and propose the most appropriate action.  

New students: complete the enrolment process and contact the Special Needs Unit by ticket for the preliminary interview. Upload the SpLD certificate in .pdf format (if not previously uploaded to the Apply@polito platform).

Students already enrolled: send your SpLD certificate in .pdf format by ticket and request an interview.

To obtain special arrangements to take the admission test, you must register to the Apply@polito platform, flag the "SpLD" box in the personal data section and upload your certificate in .pdf format.

In case of difficulties, please contact the Special Needs Unit by ticket.

TIL Engineering / Design and Communication / Territorial, Urban, Environmental and Landscape Planning/ Professional degree in manufacturing technologies

Support provided:

  • Additional time (30% more)
  • Calculator (non-programmable)
  • Vocalising the test with ReadSpeaker (do the Test Simulation from the "Learning Material" section of Apply, in order to test the reader)

For in-person tests, please remember to bring your personal calculator and headphones with USB port.

Any other requirements (e.g. a tutor who reads the questions) will be assessed on a case-by-case basis upon request, based on the specialist report. 
For organisational reasons, additional time is only guaranteed in one time slot. In the event of difficulty in taking the test in the scheduled time slot, please contact the Special Needs Unit.

TIL Architecture

Support provided:

Please refer to the ministerial note, additional time and calculator are normally guaranteed.

If you require the assistance of a tutor, please inform us well in advance by ticket.

Any other requirement (e.g. tutor support in reading the questions) will be assessed on a case-by-case basis upon request, based on the specialist report and on the ministerial guidelines.

VIDEOPresa in carico e definizione misure compensative per studenti con DSA e disabilità

The compensatory measures are assigned in the first instance by the Special Needs Unit on the basis of the certification presented; they can be reviewed together with the Unit's operators by making an appointment, either in person or remotely.

Post-registration, if you have taken the entrance test using compensatory measures, you will receive an email on your institutional address ( inviting you to watch an information video. When you confirm that you have watched the video, the Special Needs Unit staff will enter the compensatory measures deducible from your certification in your intake form.

An email will be sent to you inviting you to view the form on the teaching portal (online secretarial section, compensatory measures), together with the compensatory measures assigned.

In the case of SpLD certificates without precise indications, the transversal measures will be assigned, i.e. calculator, readability criteria, additional time and an assessment that takes into account content rather than form.

You have 15 days to proceed from the teaching portal with confirmation of the proposed measures, if you consider them to be correct and comprehensive.

If, on the other hand, you feel changes or additions are necessary, make an appointment via ticket for an interview with the Special Needs Unit.


- If you do nothing in the 15 days following the Special Needs Unit's email, you will not be able to take advantage of the compensatory measures for the whole year

- Once the measures have been shared with the teaching staff, they cannot be modified for the entire academic year.

- At the beginning of each academic year you will have to go through the procedure of accepting and sharing the measures again, and you may therefore request a review of the list of measures, providing supporting documentation if necessary.

- The student population enrolling from the second time onwards must take action no later than 15 December



Students with Specific Learning Disorders (SpLD), in addition to using the Online Report Procedure, are invited to communicate directly with the professor, at least one week before the beginning of the examination session. The professor must be informed about the special arrangements agreed with the Special Needs Unit so he/she can find the most suitable solution for the specific type of examination.


C-PEN LingoPen / Exam Reader

- Use in the Special Needs Study Room and Lending Service

The Special Needs Unit provides users with SpLD/disabilities with two new-generation reading support devices, designed for the facilitation of individual learning paths and for use in examinations, respectively:

The pens can be used in the special needs study room; it is also possible to borrow them at home.

To activate the loan, it is necessary to:

  • Open a ticket indicating the pen required (Lingo Pen or Exam reader)
  • Wait for confirmation of the availability of the requested pen before collecting it from the special needs room (opening hours 09:00-12:00; 14:00-16:00 Monday to Friday)

The lending of the pen is personal and the user is held responsible in all respects for any damage caused to the borrowed pen and its proper storage, and is also liable in the event of theft or loss.

When handing over the pen, the user is obliged to check its integrity and state of preservation and report any problems to the staff.

The loan lasts 14 days and is renewable (request for renewal by ticket by the day before the expiry date).
Failure to comply with the loan terms will result in the loan and access to the study room being barred for a period equal to the number of days of delay.

In the event of accidental loss/theft or destruction, the user is required to pay back an amount equal to the commercial value of the pen.