Students with Specific Learning Disorders (SpLD)

For students with SpLD are guaranteed a series of interventions aimed at:

  • provide the necessary support to people with SpLD, encouraging their educational success;
  • ensure adequate training and development of their potential;
  • reduce any educational and emotional difficulties.


Dedicated services

In particular, it is provided:

  • support to future students to take the admission tests;
  • tutoring, aimed at providing information to familiarize themselves with the University and useful advice on the method of study of the basic subjects;
  • moments of comparison with teachers, identify the most suitable ways to attend courses and take exams.


Normative references

The integration of students with SpLD at university is guaranteed by Law nº 170 of 8 October 2010 (New Rules on Specific Disabilities of Learning in Schools), which recognizes dyslexia, dysgraphia, disortography and dyscalculia as specific learning disorders, more generally referred to as "SpLD".

To benefit from our services, it is necessary to submit regular certification (drawn up pursuant to L. 170/2010 and issued by no more than 3 years by SSN structures or by specialists and institutions accredited by the same) and be taken in charge by the Special Needs Unit, which will analyses the specific needs and propose the most appropriate action.  

New students: complete the enrolment procedure and contact the Special Needs Unit by ticket for the taking charge interview. Attach the certificate of SpLD in .pdf format if not previously entered in the Apply procedure.

Students already enrolled: enclose the certificate of SpLD in .pdf format by ticket and request an interview.

For support contact the Special Needs Unit by ticket   

TIL Engineering / Design and Communication / Territorial, Urban, Environmental and Landscape Planning/ Professional degree in manufacturing technologies

Support provided:

  • Additional time (30% more)
  • Calculator (non-programmable)
  • Audio track in the 'text comprehension/verbal comprehension' section

For on-site tests, please remember to bring your personal calculator and headphones with USB port.

Any other requirements (e.g. tutor support in reading the questions) will be assessed on a case-by-case basis upon request, based on the specialist's report. 
For organisational reasons, additional time is only guaranteed in one time slot. In the event of difficulty in taking the test in the scheduled time slot, please contact the Special Needs Unit.

TIL Architecture

Support provided:

Please refer to the ministerial note, additional time and calculator are normally guaranteed.

If you require the assistance of a tutor, please indicate your need well in advance by ticket.

Any other requirements (e.g. tutor support in reading the questions) will be assessed on a case-by-case basis upon request, based on the specialist's report and the ministerial notice.

The compensatory measures are agreed with the student on the basis of the taking charge interview and the specialist’s report; below is the list of the most widely used measures:

  • Additional time (30% more or tasks reduction) 
  • Calculator
  • Evaluation that takes into account content and not form
  • Readability criteria for texts:

              - "sans-serif" fonts (Biancoenero, OpenDyslexia, Verdana, Arial);

              - font size 12-14-16;

              - line spacing 1,5/2;

              - expanded spacing;

              - unjustified text.

  • Formulary (if specified in the specialist’s documentation) 


To report compensatory measures to Professors, use the Online Report Procedure at the beginning of each semester:

  • Log in to the Teaching Portal
  • Click on Label "Online secretariat"
  • Select the "special needs" box
  • Click on the "accept" button to continue
  • Select, exam by exam, the compensatory measures that you wish to use, among those present
  • Select "save and send" for each exam

Please note that any formulary needs to be validated by teachers, which is only possible through the Online Report Procedure. You are encouraged to start to build your formulary using this procedure early before exams.



Students with Specific Learning Disorders (SpLD), in addition to reporting by the Online Report Procedure, are invited to communicate directly to the teacher, at least one week before the start of the examination session, the compensatory tools agreed with the Special Needs Unit, in order to allow the teacher to determine the most suitable solution for the specific type of examination.


In the vademecum of this section are summarized rules to be followed to benefit from the support of the Special Needs Unit

Vademecum for students with SpLD

Vademecum for exams with extra time