Student tutors

Among the part-time on-campus jobs offered by Politecnico to its students, there is a really interesting initiative, which will allow you to gain experience as a tutor who supports students with disabilities or with Specific Learning Disorders (SpLD).

You can apply for a part-time on-campus job in which you will help a student who needs some support. You may be asked to help someone to prepare for an exam that you have passed without major difficulties, or you may also help other students to get organised with their studies, take care of university paperwork, organize notes... the tasks can be very varied, each collaboration is unique!


You can apply to be placed on the Student Tutors Register at any time of the year, and there are very few requirements to apply. You just need to be regularly enrolled in:

- a Bachelor's degree programme (L), provided that your first enrolment in any university was no earlier than four years ago;

- a Master's degree programme (LM), provided that your first enrolment was no earlier than three years ago.


The job as a student tutor is paid and it is compatible with other scholarships. Applicants are selected by a specific committte after an interview on the basis of the needs of the individual persons with disabilities/SpLD

For more details see the Student  Tutors Student Tutors call for applications!


To apply, please submit the following forms by ticket:


_ Application form

_ Curriculum


For more information on part-time on-campus jobs as student tutors, please check the following guidelines:

Vademecum for tutors