Career Counseling

Career Lab

Career Lab

Join our CAREER LAB events organized in cooperation with UMANA spa.

In the transition from university to work, PoliTO provides you the opportunity to gain useful skills to face the world of work in a more conscious way and to present your skills to potential employers more effectively. These events also help you to strenghten some key transversal skills and to better understand the role of engineers, architects or urban planners in specific sectors.

The meetings will be held in Italian.

PoliTO Career Tips

career tips podcast

CAREER TIPS is the PoliTO podcast that was created to provide useful notions and tips for students and graduates who are entering the world of work.

The topics cover all the aspects that can be useful to  last-year students who search for their first job. This delicate but challenging phase often requires guidance to navigate the landscape of opportunities and to understand how to use the tools available.

How to best write down a resume and cover letter, how to search for the first job and on which channels, how to use social networks for personal branding, and many others are the topics that will be addressed in future episodes.

CAREER TIPS is a podcast series recorded thanks to the collaboration between PoliTO Career Services, OndeQuadre and Zip s.r.l. 

Get ready for work: video pills

verso il mondo del lavoro

GET READY FOR WORK is the training course composed of short video clips designed for PoliTO students and graduates to better prepare you to enter the world of work.

Thanks to these short video pills, you will be able to receive tips on how to best approach this stage through the effective use of tools for job search, application process and how to best deal with the selection.

  • Job search and basic CV information: In this video, some tips are provided on how to best carry out the job search process and write an effective resume. The most common mistakes that are best to avoid and the most effective strategies for making an effective job application are also pointed out.

  • Projects, professional experience and languages: After the general recommendations, each key part that goes into making up a CV is analyzed with advices specifically dedicated to those who are finishing their university studies.

  • Soft and hard skills: tips and tricks: What are soft skills? How do they differ from technical ones? This video explains how to highlight both types and how to make them stand out on your CV.

  • Motivation letter: Why is it important to write a motivation cover letter? Does it still make sense nowadays? Let's find out together what content should not be missing on this useful document to introduce yourself and your candidacy effectively.

  • Selection interview: how to be prepared: In this video we will provide some tips on how to best approach the job interview and a direct confrontation with recruiters, avoiding recruiters' traps and proving your strengths and skills.

  • Assessment centers and tests: Sometimes other tools are used by companies to identify ideal candidates: group interviews, technical interviews or psycho-aptitude tests. For each tool we will provide tips and advice on how to best approach these by making use of one's skills and strengths.


Mentorship Project GroWithUs

Mentorship GroWithUs
Il progetto di Mentorship GroWithUs nasce dalla collaborazione tra il Politecnico di Torino e l’Associazione Alumni PoliTO.

The Mentorship GroWithUs project is a collaboration between Politecnico di Torino and the PoliTO Alumni Association.

The transition from universitgy to work can often be uncertain, lacking defined boundary conditions and rules. The Growithus Mentorship project seeks to overcome this uncertainty: professionals Alumni of Politecnico di Torino are paired with young students and recent graduates to help them build a path of personal and professional growth.

The guidance of these professionals will help them face this time of transition in the best possible way, trying to make it constructive, integrated and engaging. Each Mentor will follow his or her Mentee in a series of 4/6 meetings, spread over about 6 months.

For more information on current and past iterations, visit the project website.