Student Ombudsman

The Statute of Politecnico di Torino has provided for the Student Ombudsman since the year 2000:

1. The Student Ombudsman has the function of safeguarding students and is selected from among full professors who do not belong to the Committee itself.

2. On the basis of reports received by the students and having undertaken the necessary inquiries, the Ombudsman proposes appropriate action to the competent bodies and reports to the Committee.

3. On matters involving issues of personal privacy the Ombudsman reports directly to the Rector.

With regard to the reports received  from students, the Ombudsman has established the following procedure: students can either send an e-mail to specifying in reasonable detail the problem to be examined, or write a traditional letter with the same content to the address:

Garante degli Studenti
Politecnico di Torino
Corso Duca degli Abruzzi, 24
10129 - Torino

The e-mail or letter must be signed and must also contain the necessary contact details for the Ombudsman to contact the writer(s). E-mail messages must not contain attachments; the text message must be fully written in the body of the message; any supporting documents, such as signature sheets, must be addressed to the Ombudsman and must contain a reference to the e-mail sent (sender, date and time).
The Student Ombudsman only receives written reports and is not available over the phone. If needed, the Ombudsman will contact the writer by mail or phone or, in the event of a report from several writers, the Ombudsman will get in touch with the contact person indicated by the group. The Ombudsman will take every necessary action to safeguard, where possible, the confidentiality of the students who decide to contact him/her. Each message will be archived and will remain available for further action for other students who find themselves in the same situation.