Student Societies

As of 1 January 2010, the Regulations for the recognition of Politecnico di Torino Student Societies approved by the Board of Governors on 7 October 2009 came into force.

Student Societies can register in the Register of Student Societies (Albo) in order to be officially recognized by the University and to enjoy the use of campus spaces. By registering, Societies also get an institutional e-mail address and a dedicated page on Politecnico website and allow the University to create  an updated database of all student Societies at Politecnico.

The application to join the Register may be submitted at any time of the year. After the submission of the application form (filled out in all its parts with the documents listed in the Regulations), the Rector's delegate, through the offices of the Administration, will examine the the request and decide on the approval of the registration.

For all information on the Rules and Regulations and on how to register, please write  to

To apply for registration in the Register, please complete and send the application form available at the bottom of this page