Life at Politecnico

Enrolling at Politecnico does not only mean gaining access to a diverse, innovative and multidisciplinary course catalogue, but also joining a welcoming community that offers the chance to enjoy unique experiences.

PoliTO is... Student Teams and Societies

At Politecnico, education is not just classroom lectures and individual study: the university wishes to enhance alternative and important educational experiences such as working in a team to achieve a common goal and collaborating within a student society.

PoliTO is… sports

Sports are an integral part of university education. For this purpose at the University Sports Centre facilities, you will be able:

  • to practice sports;
  • to join one of Politecnico’s teams taking part in national and international university sports events;
  • to work with Student teams that are active in some sport;
  • to combine a university course of studies with a high-level sporting career through the Dual Career programme;
  • to take part in dedicated events;
  • to ask for the recognition of outstanding competitive sports achievements;
  • to extend student activities under the agreement with the University Sports Centre also to university staff with a free membership activation through the SPORTello.

PoliTO is... sustainability

In line with the best international universities, Politecnico di Torino intends to raise awareness of its social role (as single individuals and as an institution) through education on the culture of sustainability.

To this end, a dedicated team called the Green Team was set up in 2015: an internal group consisting of faculty members and student representatives, administrative and research staff who, according to the Horizon 2020 strategic plan, will guide PoliTO towards the university’s sustainability mission.

Discover more here:

  • Green Team activities and the output of presentations, reports, theses, open data and sustainability-related projects at PoliTO;
  • initiatives and events regarding recent sustainability innovations;
  • how to take part in one or more Student Teams working in synergy with the institutional goals of improving campus sustainability such as EcòPoli and WeeeOpen.

PoliTO is... music

The university promotes musical initiatives thanks to PoliEtnico, the choir of Politecnico di Torino founded in December 2013 by two lecturers and two students from the Department of Mathematical Sciences. Currently made up of 121 members including students, lecturers, researchers and staff members of Politecnico, it also take part in dozens of concerts in Italy and abroad and is ready to welcome new members.

OndeQuadre... the Poli web radio

OndeQuadre is the official web radio of Politecnico di Torino.  Established in 2005, it represents a further extraordinary means of communication to test students’ potential and increase the University’s vitality.

To this end, OndeQuadre offers listeners:

  • a roster of music and programmes, available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week;
  • up-to-date information on music, entertainment, information, sports, travel;
  • videos of aired episodes, available on-demand.

PoliTO is... Turin

The reasons why so many people come to study at Politecnico di Torino every year are many and varied, and here are just a few of them:

  • more than 100,000 students live in the city of Turin with an average cost of living lower than in other major Italian cities;
  • it is a green city with many parks, it has a size that makes it liveable and easy to move around in;
  • it hosts international events and festivals on films, art and music throughout the year;
  • it has been able to retain its historical characteristics whilst also diversifying its vocations by focusing on knowledge-intensive production sectors;
  • with an established role as an industrial hub, Turin is now also an innovation capital;
  • Turin has a strategic location: close to the Olympic valleys for those who love skiing, climbing or walking; close to the Langhe hills and valleys for those who love excellent wine; close to Liguria for a nice trip to the seaside.