ALMALAUREA is an interuniversity consortium supported by the Ministry of Education, University and Research. Almalaurea provides an online platform for the sharing of CVs (students, graduands, graduates, PhD and Specializing Master’s diploma holders) with potential employers.

Politecnico and AlmaLaurea invite all graduates to fill out an online questionnaire, with a twofold objective:  

  • collect students’ opinions on the university path they are about to complete in order to monitor degree programmes and analyze the performance of graduates, with an eye to improving the university course catalogue. The results of this research are available on the AlmaLaurea website in the area dedicated to universities;
  • obtain the necessary information for the drafting of the Curriculum Vitae in order to help students enter the world of work; moreover, if they want to take advantage of this opportunity, AlmaLaurea will make their data available to businesses and institutions which might request them.   

When you apply for the Final Examination (Graduatkion), you are required to fill out the AlmaLaurea questionnaire for the collection of statistical data.

You are free to decide whether to make your CV visible in the AlmaLaurea database or not (choose this option on the last page of the questionnaire).If you do not want to be included in the AlmaLaurea database, just tick NO at the end of the questionnaire. You will have to present the questionaire receipt when you submit your application for the Final Examination.

After graduation, Politecnico will send AlmaLaurea the names of all its graduates and will certify the university information contained in their CVs.